Do All Transmission Problems Require a Trip to the Shop?

Transmission Problems

The transmission is one of the the most intricate and complex parts of your vehicle. This is because the transmission is not merely one part, but rather a series of parts working together to create an efficient transmission. Any problem with one part of the transmission can affect the rest of the transmission. This is all to say that transmissions are not easy to fix. You might be handy with a jack and a wrench, but some transmission repairs cannot be done at home. That’s not to say that all transmission problems require a visit to a shop, mind you.

Transmission fluid

One of the problems you can assess and even fix on your own is to do with transmission fluid. The transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your transmission and you need it to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you don’t have enough transmission fluid in your vehicle, this is a problem. An insufficient volume of fluid can lead to slipping transmissions, choppy and harsh gear changes, overheating, and number of other problems. However, there is a fairly easy repair for this. Simply top it up. Check your fluid level with a dipstick and add the fluid accordingly.

However, sometimes the problem is not so much the amount of transmission fluid but the quality of it. Transmission fluid can become damaged and burnt. If the fluid in your transmission smells off and unpleasant or is discoloured from its natural clearish red state, you should change out your transmission fluid and add in a new batch. You can learn to do this on your own as well, if you want, but just make sure you have a large enough pan to catch and contain all the drained old fluid from your transmission.

Transmission fluid can become damaged simply by being in there for too long. So make sure to change your fluid regularly. However, sometimes damaged fluid is the result of a damaged or worn out transmission. If you notice that slipping or delayed gear changes persist even after changing your fluid or that your fluid is becoming discoloured and damaged too quickly, you will have to bring your vehicle into the shop for further investigation and assessment.

More complex matters

For transmission issues beyond fluid problems, it will be difficult to take care of these on your own. Sometimes parts within your transmission will need to be replaced and unless you’re a mechanic yourself, you really can’t do this on your own. Furthermore, many automatic transmissions now are computer controlled. At Mister Transmission, we use special equipment to allow us to interface with your vehicle’s onboard computer in order to detect the cause and location of certain transmission problems. Now, I don’t want to assume too much about your life, but I think I’m safe in guessing that you do not have this highly specialized type of computer equipment lying around in your garage. So for this kind of diagnostic process, you will have to bring your vehicle into the shop.

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