How Do You Fix Transmission Problems?

How Do You Fix Transmission Problems

We often only think about our vehicles when something goes wrong with them. Perhaps it does not reflect too well on us that we only consider these highly complex and intricate achievements of modern technology when something is amiss, but that is the way we are. While many of us enjoy driving our automobiles, more … Continue reading How Do You Fix Transmission Problems?

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How Common are Transmission Problems?

How Common are Transmission Problems

The transmission is one of the most complex and and intricate components in your automobile. It would be misleading to think of it as a muffler or an axle, as the transmission is actually a collection of various parts working in their own way to create the perfect harmony that is an efficient and smooth … Continue reading How Common are Transmission Problems?

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Vehicle Overheating

Contaminated or burnt fluid that contains particles can indicate overheating problems in the transmission. An overheated vehicle is a common cause of mechanical breakdown and can be the cause of significant engine and transmission damage, therefore establishing the problem associated with the overheating is important for maintaining a well-running vehicle. What’s that smell? If a … Continue reading Vehicle Overheating

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Transmission Parts

Transmission parts knowledge for people researching how transmissions work. A transmission is an impressive puzzle to most drivers, made up of many intricate connections among a multitude of transmission parts. The complexity of these parts and how they fit together is intimidating, especially if you’re facing transmission repairs and you don’t understand what’s happening or … Continue reading Transmission Parts

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5 Ways to Keep Your Manual Transmission Working

Avoid costly transmission repairs. Read our simple tips for keeping a car with a manual transmission running smoothly Vehicles with manual transmissions aren’t as common on our roads as they once were. It’s estimated that about 5% of all new vehicles sold in Canada since 2013 have manual gearboxes, but if you’re driving one of … Continue reading 5 Ways to Keep Your Manual Transmission Working

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