Is My Transmission Shot?

Few things can be as troublesome as a failing transmission

Is this happening to you? You start your car, shift to reverse or drive and either nothing happens, or there’s a noticeable delay, you hear clunking, buzzing, or grinding noises, or there’s a distinct burning smell coming from the engine.

If this is how your driving experience begins, chances are your vehicle’s automatic transmission may be on the cusp of breaking down, or it’s inching toward a full malfunction. All of the above are among common faulty transmission warning signs.

There are others to be mindful of, including a pool of red liquid beneath your engine where you park, or if the “service engine soon” dashboard lights up and doesn’t go out.

How to Avoid Transmission Problems

Preventative maintenance is your best bet to try to extend the life of your vehicle’s transmission. But even the most dedicated motorist who faithfully and dutifully follows the recommendations listed in his or her owner’s manual can still end up with transmission troubles. Furthermore, bad driving habits or neglect can lead to transmission woes, as can pouring the wrong transmission fluid into your vehicle.

If you find your transmission is shot, you still have options available to you. You can opt to have your transmission rebuilt, or you could purchase a new transmission and have it installed in your car.

But before you suffer a roadside breakdown, have a certified transmission technician thoroughly inspect and test your transmission. If something’s amiss, the technician will detect it, and will advise you on what your options are.

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