How Often Do Transmissions Need to Be Repaired?

How Often Do Transmissions Need to Be Repaired

As with all facets of your automobile, the frequency with which you need to get your transmission repaired will vary greatly depending on how often you drive your vehicle, where you drive it, for how long, and just generally how well you take care of it. There’s no one right or wrong answer to how often a transmission should be repaired. Every car and every driver are different. But regardless of your vehicle or your driving schedule, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to transmission repair.

Transmission Repair

Look online and you’ll see a variety of answers to the question of how long a transmission should last. Some seem to overestimate the average lifespan of your average transmission, some underestimate. If you can go 100,000 miles between transmission repairs –about seven years for the average driver– you should be happy. But that is a very loose guideline. As mentioned before, all transmissions, vehicles, and drivers are different.

But the big issue when trying to generalize transmission lifespans is the one of problem Theseus’s Ship: how many different parts can you replace on a transmission before you must consider it a different transmission. The truth is, a lot of transmission repair is replacing various parts. The transmission is a complex piece of machinery with many moving and interdependent parts coming together to make the piece work as a whole. And of course, not all parts are created equal. We can’t all be so lucky to be driving with the Aisin Warner AW4 transmission, an automatic transmission found in Jeeps and Toyotas (among other vehicles) that is legendary for its resilience and longevity. But even if you came up a little bit on the short end when it comes to transmissions, it’s not the end of the world.

Adjustment And In-Car Repairs

The truth of the matter is that many people fret too much over taking their cars in to have their transmissions examined. The majority of transmission repairs are simple matters that are done without having to remove the transmission from the vehicle. As such, a competent and professional mechanic (or team of mechanics) can sort out these minor repairs in short order. And the technicians at Mister Transmission are skilled and experienced enough to sort almost any transmission problem in short order.

These days, a lot of these minor transmission repairs have to do with the computer and the computer connections that control your transmission. With the increasing computerization of technology, transmissions, too, have become intertwined with computer processing. That’s why a great deal of transmission repairs are ultimately a matter of computer repair. For example, a computer controlled transmission that is experiencing problems of not shifting properly is often the result of the computer sending incorrect signals to the transmission due to a faulty sensor or a bad connection.

Please Get In Touch

If you haven’t guessed by now, there’s no overarching rule for all transmissions. Every transmission will need to be repaired at different intervals. But it’s often not that big of a deal. With qualified and skilled technicians –like those at Mister Transmission– many transmission repairs can be relatively quick and painless. If you have any questions, please contact us today.


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