What Does It Cost to Buy a Transmission from a Salvage Yard?

There are no guarantees you’ll get value for your money by purchasing a used transmission from a junkyard or salvage yard

Are you thinking about buying a used transmission or a junkyard transmission? What is the real cost of doing so? As a short-term, cost-effective solution for an older vehicle, buying a used transmission from a junkyard can be a worthwhile option, but you need to do your homework (and cross your fingers).

Purchasing a transmission from an auto scrapyard to try to save a few bucks is a risky business. Why? Because you truly don’t know what you’re getting, or if the used transmission you bought is the right model for your vehicle. In other words, you’re making a leap of faith that might not go the way you hoped primarily because salvage yards don’t run diagnostic checks on the vehicle parts they dismantle.

There are other alternative transmission repair solutions. For instance, you could buy a new transmission or have your current one rebuilt. Whatever you choose to do, beware of misleading transmission repair prices.

Beyond the Junkyard Transmission Purchase Price

If you do buy a used transmission from an auto wreckers’ yard for a few hundred dollars, you’re still facing a potentially hefty bill to have it installed in your vehicle. Thereafter, if that used transmission fails, you’re out of pocket with nothing to show for it. After all, no salvage yard will give you a warranty on a used auto part, and if they do, it won’t be of the variety that is longer than a few weeks at best, and it won’t cover the cost of the installation.

Financing Help If You Need It

Did you know all our service locations provide our valued customers with affordable financing options on approved credit (aka OAC) to help you pay for your transmission repair comfortably? We do. Furthermore, we back our transmission repair work with a nationwide service warranty guarantee.

Do you need to buy a new or used transmission? Visit the Mister Transmission service centre nearest you and talk to our expert technicians before you spend your money.


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