Engine Problems That Seem Like Transmission Problems

If there is one thing all drivers share in common, it is the feeling of dread we get when we hear an unfamiliar sound coming from our car. That, and of course our dislike for getting stuck in traffic. Your car can give you signs that there is something wrong from obvious alerts such as … Continue reading Engine Problems That Seem Like Transmission Problems

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Engine Control Unit Software

Your car’s ECU is the brain behind the horsepower that controls everything from the transmission to fuel consumption Modern automobiles are complex machines. Arguably, the cars, trucks, and SUVs cruising Canada’s tar plains today should be counted among other remarkable feats of engineering for the simple fact they are computerized marvels inasmuch as they are … Continue reading Why You Should Upgrade Your Engine Control Unit Software

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Myths About Stick Shifters

Manual transmissions are still a popular choice today as they do offer many benefits. Here we challenge some stick shift myths which are based on outdated information. Though most new vehicles sold today come with automatic transmissions, there are people who tout stick-shift manual transmissions as being a much better option. However, some of the … Continue reading Myths About Stick Shifters

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Maintaining Fuel Efficiency as You Drive

More gears, electronic shifting, and dual clutches: here’s how modern transmissions are improving fuel economy In the unending quest to increase vehicle fuel efficiency, some auto manufacturers are adding more gears to automatic transmissions. It’s two-pronged answer to improving vehicle mileage and adhering to increasingly stringent carbon dioxide emission standards for cars and light-duty trucks. … Continue reading Maintaining Fuel Efficiency as You Drive

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Chevrolet Transmissions

One the most enduring and durable line of vehicles on Canada’s roads, Chevy cars, trucks, and SUVs do require regular transmission maintenance and service The name ‘Chevrolet’ resonates in the minds of generations of Canadian drivers simply because the automobile maker’s line of cars and trucks have been among the most durable for decades. As … Continue reading Chevrolet Transmissions

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