10 Must-Have Items to Keep in Your Car

By Mister Transmission

Is your vehicle properly stocked to help you deal with a breakdown? Read our tips on what things you should always have in your car, truck, or SUV.

It’s the one thing all motorists dread but eventually we all deal with: your car unexpectedly breaking down at the side of the road. The question is, are you prepared to handle that situation when it happens?

Being adequately prepared by having a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle for when a breakdown occurs is not only smart, it can possibly save your life when driving through remote rural areas or extreme weather conditions.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but make sure your roadside emergency kit contains these 10 essential items:

1. A tire changing kit. This might seem obvious but it’s surprising how many folks are ill-prepared to deal with a flat tire. Your tire changing kit should include an inflated spare tire, a tire iron or lug wrench, jack, a can of WD-40, and a pair of gloves.

2. A first aid kit. Whether you’re first aid and CPR certified or not (hopefully you are), it’s critical to have a first aid kit readily available in your car. According to the Canadian Red Cross, and beyond bandages, gauze pads, non-latex gloves, and adhesive tape, your portable first aid kit should contain a number of additional items including a roll of quarters, a seatbelt cutter or sharp utility knife, safety pins, and antiseptic wipes.

3. Booster or jumper cables. A handy tool to have whether you’re giving someone else’s car battery a boost or if your own car battery is low on juice. Using jumper cables improperly can be dangerous so do it properly. Both cars should be turned off. Clamp the red cable to the stalled vehicle’s positive battery terminal (“+”) and then the other end of the red cable to the jumper car’s positive battery terminal. Now attach the black cable to the stalled vehicle’s negative battery terminal (“—”) and the other end of the black cable to an unpainted metal surface on your car that isn’t near the battery. Start the working vehicle and wait a couple of minutes. Now attempt to start the stalled car. Afterward, remove the black cable from the stalled vehicle, then the other end of the black cable from the car giving the boost. Now remove the red cable from the booster car followed by the other end of the red cable from the once-stalled vehicle.

4. A flashlight and extra batteries. You’ll be grateful to have a working flashlight and additional batteries on-hand if you’re caught roadside in the dead of night.

5. Matches and a candle set in a coffee can. Believe it or not, this is an effective way to prevent yourself from freezing to death if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere during the wintertime.

6. A jug of antifreeze windshield washer fluid. Another important item to keep in your trunk, especially in the wintertime.

7. A survival blanket. If your vehicle breaks down during the winter or at night, it’s neither wise to keep the engine running for hours to stay warm, nor might it be possible. A waterproof Mylar survival blanket reduces heat loss in a person’s body.

8. Bottles of water and energy bars. Have a couple of plastic bottles of water stored in your vehicle (change the water every six months) and a few nonperishable food items such as protein or energy bars to prevent dehydration and reduce hunger. Make sure the plastic bottles you use can withstand freezing temperatures.

9. Self-igniting road flares. Keep a package of self-igniting road flares in your trunk. They burn for up to 15 minutes, can be seen with the naked eye from a distance, and will help you alert other approaching drivers of your presence at the side of the road.

10. An ice scraper. This is Canada. No car driving in this country should be without a windshield ice scraper.

If you are in Weston near the Humber River, or driving on Black Creek Drive south of Highway 401 and are experiencing transmission troubles or suspect you are, call us now at 416-249-1300, or visit us at 1677 Jane Street in North York. Stranded roadside because of a breakdown? Our tow truck is standing by. Our courteous team of professionals understand how upsetting a failing transmission can be; we know how to fix it, and get your car back on the road again fast.

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Customer Reviews
Had outstanding service from this...
Tim V
Had outstanding service from this shop, particularly the Manager George S. who is about one the nicest individuals you will ever meet. He put me at ease for what was suspected to be a very large issue as diagnosed from another shop. In the end, it was another issue entirely, one significantly more affordable than expected. George was prompt with follow ups, went the distance to find a new part, and had me back on the road in a few days. George is a gem, and the work done at the shop was top notch. Highly recommend for any transmission/driveline issues.
Date: March 31, 2023
Website: Google
Would like to say I...
Jon F
Would like to say I was pleased with the service I received. They towed my vehicle in as I was unable to get it in under its own power. I assumed it was a transmission or transfer case issue, but it ended up being a broken axle that caused my grief. After they were able to get it rolling again they did a courtesy check of the engine / drive train to make sure they didn't miss something else, and noted a couple of other items that could become bigger problems down the road. They were able to repair those for me as well. Darren was very professional and polite. They got the truck in and out in a very respectable time frame, and they were very close to the estimated cost when I was paying the bill. I actually paid a couple C notes less. Overall would recommend you guys, as you do more an just transmissions, you guy take care of it all. Thanks again!
Date: March 31, 2023
Website: Google
Amazing customer service and professionalism...
Doug Lane
Amazing customer service and professionalism at this business.
Date: March 31, 2023
Website: Google
Ken is great tech and...
Ken is great tech and helped me fixed my car! Thank you so much!
Date: March 31, 2023
Website: Google
Raman is a great mechanic...
Tim Togeretz
Raman is a great mechanic and business owner, what ever jobs i send him they are always done professionally and with pride.
Date: March 30, 2023
Website: Google
A great dealership to work...
A great dealership to work with. Will recommend to everyone I know that needs transmission work done!!
Date: March 29, 2023
Website: Google
We had purchased a used...
Jennifer Lock
We had purchased a used honda civic from a used car dealership for our son to commute to university. Just our luck not even 3 months later a check engine light was on as well as a flashing D light and check transmission on the information Center console. We had taken it to a reputable dealership on Mapleview drive to get it diagnosed, after a full service that included a transmission fluid service the technician told us that he would erase the code and if the code came back to find a transmission shop . Well the code came back! I had called several local garages and was told that they don’t work on Honda civic C V T transmission. Luckily I called “Al” at (mister transmission Barrie) I told “Al” the history and he said to bring the civic to Essa road location and where he can diagnose it for free . Al gave me an Honest diagnosis with a break down of how much it would cost . And within a week we had a total rebuilt transmission and I feel he was a trustworthy person to deal with no matter what transmission problems you have even if it’s a Honda C V T .
Date: March 29, 2023
Website: Google
So i was basically trying...
Burak Ozbek
So i was basically trying to figure out if Honda CVTs were reliable. I was doing research and decided to call this place to see if they could humour me briefly. The guy i spoke to, cant remember his name, 43 years old, very friendly, told me everything i needed to know, clearly takes customer service very seriously and was willing to HAVE A CONVERSATION which no one does anymore. Will be going here for everything from now on. And if you want to know, without insulting other car makers, toyota and honda are the usual suspects for reliable CVTs.
Date: March 29, 2023
Website: Google
Many Thanks to all the...
Nadiia Kaidan
Many Thanks to all the team.
Date: March 28, 2023
Website: Google
Professional transmission rebuilt
Professional transmission rebuilt
Date: March 27, 2023
Website: Google
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