A Unique Hoist Designed to Facilitate Transmission Service and Repairs

Properly accessing, inspecting, and repairing a transmission requires a specialized transmission hoist which allows our certified technicians the room and visibility they need to do a thorough job every time

When it comes to getting true value for the money you pay to have a trained technician service and possibly repair your car’s transmission, it’s important to know they have the right tools and equipment to do the job. That includes the transmission hoist they use to lift up your vehicle to inspect your transmission.

It may be a less well-known aspect of transmission repair, but our unique hoist is designed to overcome any difficulties accessing, servicing, and if necessary, removing and installing transmissions in any car, light-duty truck, or SUV.

A Transmission Hoist Is Like No Other

Unlike conventional mechanic hoists found in car repair shops and dealerships, our hoist has been specifically designed to provide the most advantageous access for transmission service and repair.

This unique hoist allows our skilled and experienced mechanics to examine a transmission thoroughly and to make any necessary repairs and adjustments easily. It also gives our technicians the room they need remove and reinstall components as required for transmission repairs, such as the flywheel or clutch assembly.

Adding Value to Your Transmission Service

While our hoists are a unique tool that allows us to do our job better than a conventional mechanic’s hoist, it is not an advantage that costs you more in your transmission service and repair needs. We regard our unique transmission hoists as an important part of the world-class customer service we strive to provide you each and every time you visit one of our locations.

In fact, these hoists contribute to our efficiency and value. Because our technicians have ample space to work, they can typically complete their high-quality repairs in mere hours whereas other, non-specialized auto shops and car dealerships may take days to complete the same task.

See the difference that a transmission hoist makes in our ability to assess and repair your transmission. Contact the Mister Transmission service centre nearest you, book a service appointment, and get Canada’s transmission experts to inspect your car’s transmission.

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