Replacing and Overhauling Transmissions

Replacing and Overhauling Transmissions

Many transmission problems can be fixed with relatively minor repairs. Highly skilled technicians are trained to spot problems by surveying a transmission and figuring out where the trouble is. Many of the common problem spots in transmissions are accessible without having to remove the transmission from the vehicle. Unfortunately, not all transmission repairs are so simple. In more serious situations, transmissions might need to be removed from the vehicle in order to repair it properly. In such cases of major transmission repair, we are often dealing with the replacement and overhaul of a transmission.

Transmission Maintenance

As a point of order, it is important to note the significance of transmission maintenance. Basic and routine transmission maintenance is your best tool to avoid major transmission repairs such as replacements and overhauls. But it can be hard to stay on top of transmission maintenance, and we all make mistakes. And sometimes you can do everything right and your transmission will still require a major repair.

Transmission Repair

As mentioned in the introduction, many transmission repairs do not require replacement and overhaul. Transmission repair is often a relatively quick process. Sometimes it requires the repair of a straightforward mechanical problem. Other times, there is a computer issue, which can be more difficult, but does not necessarily equal the seriousness of a task such as replacement and overhaul.

But not even well-trained and highly skilled technicians can repair every transmission problem without the transmission needing to be removed from the body of the vehicle. If you drive your vehicle for long enough, it will become likely that an overhaul becomes necessary at some point. While replacement and overhaul is a more involved process than many transmission repairs, it is not an automatic catastrophe by any means.

Overhaul And Replacement

When the time comes that your transmission needs an overhaul, you have two options from which to choose. The first is to remove your existing transmission and overhaul it, then put the rebuilt unit back in your car. The second option is to replace your existing unit with another unit that has already been rebuilt or re-manufactured.

In many, indeed, probably the majority of situations, replacing your transmission with a used one is unlikely to be your best option. Used transmissions often have questionable histories that could present a whole new set of problems and issues. New transmissions, on the other hand, are mostly aftermarket transmissions billed as new but are in fact rebuilt transmissions with new parts. Given this, you should err on the side of overhaul. Unless your technician presents you with a cogent and comprehensive reason as to why you should replace your transmission, you should probably opt to overhaul it.

The most commonly asked question of transmission repair is, “how much will it cost?”. Of course this is the most natural question. But there’s no one answer. Every transmission repair is different and we cannot estimate a cost without first running a diagnostic test. However, at Mister Transmission, we are always up front about our costs and will explain to you why any transmission repair will cost what it costs.

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