Ram Transmission Service and Repair

Rams are great and durable trucks, but they have transmission problems just like any other make and model of vehicle. For example, Ram transmissions sometimes have problems making rattling noises and being unable to shift into park. If these problems, or any other problems, are happening to your Ram transmission, then you need the services of a transmission expert.

Transmissions are complicated and not every mechanic knows how to repair and maintain them properly. That’s why you want to bring your Ram vehicle to a dedicated transmission shop so you can receive the best service possible.

Today, Ram vehicles have onboard computers. This computerization means transmission shops need special equipment and technology to communicate with vehicular computers. At Mister Transmission, we have the right technology and know-how necessary to utilize your Ram’s onboard computer to diagnose any transmission problems it may have.

Ram transmission types

Ram trucks can come equipped with one of several different transmissions. Some of these transmission models include:

  • A518 / 46RE/ 47RE / 48RE
  • 42RLE/A606 Transmission
  • 66RFE/68RFE Transmission
  • A500 / 42RE Transmission
  • 545RFE
  • ZF9HP48

Ram models

Some popular Ram models include:

  • Ram 1500
  • Ram 2500
  • Ram 3500
  • Ram 4000
  • Ram 4500
  • Ram 5500
  • Ram ProMaster Van
  • Ram ProMaster City

Ram Transmission Repair

Ram trucks have to be heavy duty and durable. Whether you use your Ram to haul tools, lumber, or other equipment, what you carry can put a lot of stress on the transmission. Generally, Ram transmissions can hold up to these strains. However, there have been some notable Ram transmission problems and even some recalls in recent history. If your Ram vehicle is having problems or if it’s due for some routine service, please contact us. The Mister Transmission Multi-Check Inspection can detect any problem your Ram truck or van might have. Visit one of our locations today to learn more!

We service and repair all Ram transmission and driveline related components.

At Mister Transmission, we provide any service your Ram transmission needs. From a transmission fluid service to complete transmission overhauls, we do it all.

Ram Automatic Transmissions

Most Ram trucks available in Canada have automatic transmissions. This style of transmission is much more popular in North America. They require less work from the driver because transmission can change through gears itself.

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Ram Manual Transmissions

Manual transmissions can offer better mileage, and some drivers prefer them. But they require more work because the driver must shift gears manually by using the clutch and gas pedals.

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Customer Reviews
Zaffer and the team made...
Chris “Your
Zaffer and the team made an unexpected situation good again. No regular people understand transmissions, so the brevity it takes is an art in itself. On top of the actual skill it took to fix my truck, I thought they cared enough to communicate in my values. The usual stigma of a mechanic shop dictating prices and circumstances to a glazed over customer did not happen I have never been happier to hand over my $$$
Date: September 24, 2023
Website: Google
Fantastic service
Fantastic service
Date: September 24, 2023
Website: Google
It was such a pleasure...
Consulate Tor
It was such a pleasure to deal with this branch, Giuliano is a true professional and provided excellent customer service!
Date: September 22, 2023
Website: Google
Great to deal with and...
Bonnie Stroeder
Great to deal with and fast.
Date: September 22, 2023
Website: Google
My VW Jetta 2013 was...
David O'Hare
My VW Jetta 2013 was having what i thought was transmission issues. Took it in and Luke and his co-workers promised to take a look - they did thorough testing and were Extremely Honest telling me that wasn't the problem. Even though I was prepared for a rebuild. Great people!!
Date: September 22, 2023
Website: Google
Chris and Jenna are great,...
Marcel Boudreau
Chris and Jenna are great, super friendly and very professional. We highly recommend them for all your transmission needs!
Date: September 22, 2023
Website: Google
Professionalism at work here.
Rayleen Smith
Professionalism at work here.
Date: September 22, 2023
Website: Google
Recently I had an issue...
Dav B
Recently I had an issue with my Toyota Camry's transmission. I first approached a Toyota dealership for the repair. I was told that the car needs a new transmission, and the cost quoted was very expensive. I then researched for other places that repair transmissions. On the recommendation of a few of my friends, I contacted Mister Transmission, Brampton. They towed the vehicle at their own expense from the dealership to their workshop. They were very reasonable in terms of the cost for rebuilding the transmission. They were very professional and explained the whole process and kept me updated throughout. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who needs transmission repairs. Luke at the front desk was always available whenever I called and provided answers to all my queries throughout the process. Thank you to Mister transmission and Luke for the efficient and professional service.
Date: September 20, 2023
Website: Google
Very quick service.
Rob Swick
Very quick service.
Date: September 19, 2023
Website: Google
Great service. Mandeep goes above...
Jeannette Kamta
Great service. Mandeep goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. I would recommend 100%
Date: September 19, 2023
Website: Google
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