What Is a Honda CVT Transmission?

Many new Honda models come with a CVT, or continuously variable transmission. CVTs offer some benefits over traditional automatic transmissions, including improved acceleration and enhanced fuel economy. A CVT is actually a type of automatic transmission, That utilize a belt and pulley system for an unrestricted range of gear ratios.

The CVT turns engine rotations into torque, enabling the driver to drive at variable speeds. At Mister Transmission, our technicians know how to service Honda vehicles. They also know how to service CVTs.

What are the common problems in a Honda CVT?

Honda vehicles appeal to drivers because they’re generally durable, long-lasting, and require limited maintenance. They do require maintenance, though, as well as the occasional repairs. While CVTs are a more evolved version of the transmission, they’re not perfect, and they do exhibit some problems.

Belt slippage is a prominent issue. This happens usually after you change gears and the transmission slips into neutral. If you’ve never driven a CVT vehicle before, there is one thing you should know. CVTs can sound weird. If your transmission is making noises, this is usually cause for concern, but with a CVT, these noises might be normal, even if you’re not used to them yet.

How we diagnose transmission problems

At Mister Transmission, we can often diagnose problems quickly, because we know what causes some of the most common issues. Some frequent signs of a problem with a Honda CVT include:

  • Overheating
  • Belt slippage
  • Inability to accelerate
  • Check engine light coming on

CVTs can be cheaper to manufacture, so buying a Honda with a CVT might be cheaper. We don’t know how these transmissions will fare long-term, though. Some drivers feel CVTs aren’t as robust as traditional automatic transmissions, so they need more maintenance and repairs. Others have no complaints and enjoy the improved efficiency.

Hondas have onboard computers today. When diagnosing your transmission, we’ll connect your Honda’s onboard computer to our diagnostic equipment. This gives us a code that can tell us where to look for the cause of the problem. Then we can perform a road test to observe how your transmission functions in real-world conditions.

How Mister Transmission Can Help

At Mister Transmission, we’re experts at Honda transmission service. With 60 years of institutional experience, we provide our technicians with the most advanced training available, and we can service any Honda model. Even though CVTs are relatively new, we have all the equipment and knowhow required to service them.

Whether you’re experiencing problems with your Honda’s transmission or it just needs some routine maintenance, you can contact Mister Transmission. Our Multi-Check Inspection can find any problem your CVT may have.

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Customer Reviews
Professional transmission rebuilt
Professional transmission rebuilt
Date: March 27, 2023
Website: Google
Mandy's customer service was second...
Vanessa Orchard
Mandy's customer service was second to none. Not only did he make sure the work they could do on our truck got done in a timely manner, but also made arrangements for other services to be completed that are outside their scope. PLUS, he took care of getting our truck there and back! Like Mandy said, we hope we don't need to see him for that truck again, but if we need transmission services for any of our other vehicles, we'll be back! Thank you for your great customer service Mandy!
Date: March 27, 2023
Website: Google
Highly recommended! I wasn't sure...
Akash Kachchhi
Highly recommended! I wasn't sure where to take my car for a transmission repair. Had quotes from other shops, which were all around the same, but no one was offering warranty on their work more than one year even after spending so much money. Only Mr. Mandeep offered me three years warranty, which makes me assured to go forward with the repair. Mr. Wes is really knowledgeable technician and he did a fantastic job, car works like new! Incredible staff that go above and beyond for their customers. Their customer service is great and the car was done on time.
Date: March 27, 2023
Website: Google
Nav and his crew are...
Darrell Govereau
Nav and his crew are always there for me. Give them a call for exceptional service! Not only transmissions!
Date: March 26, 2023
Website: Google
Excellent customer service!
Rob Harris
Excellent customer service!
Date: March 25, 2023
Website: Google
I took the car in...
Lance Lincoln
I took the car in because I had issues with my transmission, not only did they fix it but they fixed my lower control arm and adjusted my brakes, these are problems that were missed on the safety, Dan also dealt with my warranty company as well as made sure I had the financing to get my car back with no out of pocket funds, they worked late making sure I had the car on the day they said, thank you Dan and Bob for all your hard work.
Date: March 24, 2023
Website: Google
Great job on my transmission...
Alessandro Chiaravallo
Great job on my transmission and awesome customer's service... Thanks guys!
Date: March 24, 2023
Website: Google
very good and professional. I...
Tochukwu Ezeanochie
very good and professional. I will recommend them for everyone.
Date: March 24, 2023
Website: Google
Excellent service! Wes was professional,...
Lori Buckle
Excellent service! Wes was professional, considerate and easy to deal with. Would definitely recommend! A++++
Date: March 23, 2023
Website: Google
Great people, great service, you...
Mircea Manolescu
Great people, great service, you know they will take good care of your car, no matter the problem it has.
Date: March 22, 2023
Website: Google
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