Meeting cost-reduction targets for your commercial customers are always an auto body shop manager’s No. 1 goal. In our present economy, the need to find those efficiencies have never been greater

Controlling commercial fleet service and repair costs is always a top-of-mind priority for business owners and for good reason. It’s a never-ending battle through good and bad economic periods, but with the global economy still mired in a fragile, uncertain state, the pressure to do more with less and find expense efficiencies for your commercial fleet customers wherever possible has reached a fever pitch.

Reducing the expense of commercial vehicle transmission services by outsourcing the responsibility can help you meet your business customers’ demanding objectives.

Four Ways Outsourcing Transmission Repairs Can Benefit Your Shop

There are many benefits associated with outsourcing your commercial customers’ vehicle transmission services, including:

  • Repair and maintenance service guarantees. A reputable, experienced commercial vehicle transmission repair partner will guarantee all parts and labour involved with the maintenance and repairs conducted to your customers’ vehicles with a nationwide warranty.
  • A technology savvy repair squad. As you know, technological advancements have touched practically every facet of our lives, including the vehicles we drive. Cars, vans, trucks and buses are still mechanical in nature, but modern vehicles also feature a remarkable amount of onboard computing power. The days of poking and prodding at engine parts with a wrench to try to figure out what’s wrong are over. Now, it’s all done by digital diagnostics. That requires a repair partner whose technicians are on the cutting-edge of automotive technology.
  • Reduced vehicle lifecycle costs. Transmissions are the most intricate and the most expensive engine component in any car, truck, or bus. While it’s true fleet vehicle replacements need to occur every few years, ensuring the transmissions in your business customers’ vehicles are in tip-top shape will keep them on the road for longer, and help your customers delay the need to replace their existing fleet.
  • Year-round nationwide service. No matter when or where your commercial customers travel to in Canada, your commercial vehicle transmission repair partner should have service teams from coast-to-coast who are available throughout the year. It provides peace of mind to know that if one of your customer’s vehicles breaks down anywhere in Canada, your outsourced repair partner will be available and ready to assist.

Is your collision repair shop seeking a commercial fleet service partner to manage, maintain, and repair your commercial customers’ fleet’s transmissions? Talk to us. Our certified, experienced repair experts can complement your team and help keep your customers’ vehicles on the road.

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