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If you are interested in being in business for yourself not by yourself? A Mister Transmission Franchise could be the answer. Have a look at a few stories from our feature franchise owners.




Long before graduating from high school my goal was to be in business for myself, in the automotive sector. Soon after I was afforded the opportunity to do so, I became a Mister Transmission franchisee and never looked back.

However, it was not without hard work, developing and training a strong support staff (team). Learning how to grow my business, using programs and procedures provided me by the head office has enabled me to have a successful and rewarding franchise in North Vancouver.

Mister Transmission, a structurally sound company with a strong foundation provides you with the support and business resources you require to be successful. The tools are in the tool box! Open it.

Bob McFegan
Mister Transmission Franchisee,
North Vancouver, British Columbia

Belonging to a team of professionals can be a life fulfilling experience.

14 years ago a partnership was formed between two goal oriented individuals. After working in the automotive industry for many years, we have joined forces to bring expert service, quality repairs & outstanding warranty protection. After implemeting these goals this has made us one of the best transmission shops in Canada. With the dedication we both have put forward in making this franchise profitable, we have been able to enjoy other aspects of life.

Being partners in a business franchise has been very enjoyable, as being in a large franchise like Mister Transmission. We have been very fortunate to work with a great team of players. Owning your own business is exciting & self motivating, as long as you can stayed focus on your business.

We are proud to be known as Mister Transmission in our community, and we represent what Mister Transmission stands for. HEY MISTER YOU'RE A FRIEND OF MINE!

Jim Hodgson, Terry Courneya
Mister Transmission Franchisees,
Peterborough, Ontario

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