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Reviewed by Timothy G

Very polite and quick dionastic gave us three options and were very happy

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Ruth Z

3 Years Ago

Reviewed by Jakob Z

Great and proffesional service

3 Years Ago

Reviewed by Alexander K

The service was more than I had expected! I will come again!

4 Years Ago

Reviewed by jay b

Happy to deal with a trusted expert in the transmission field. Not very happy about being misled on payment options. Before confirming I would be getting the work done at this location I was misled with the payment options. I was, at the time, short on the cash I would need to pay for the repair but was informed that they (mr transmission St Thomas) would work with me on payment options. I was told that there was a 90 day interest free plan that I could take advantage of. What they did not tell me, and of course, I found out after I confirmed the repair to be done, that it was in fact with a 3rd party and there was no guarantee that I would qualify for such financing. After a few days of scrambling around to get financing I was able to pick up my truck. As for the repair, it has been roughly 1 month and I have no had any problems with my truck. I have every reason to say that I am more than satisfied with the quality of work and support from the workers at this location. However, I am not satisfied with the deceiving tactics ( if this was the case and not just a misunderstanding ) used to get my business. I still cannot say that I would be willing to refer any person that I come in contact with. Also the 3rd party did not tell me (nor did Mr Transmission) that the interest free plan comes with a price. So instead of interest free payments I had to pay a service charge to get this plan. It does not have much to do with Mr Transmission but I would have appreciated some up front advice while in the midst of shopping for a transmission repair.

4 Years Ago

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