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261 Talbot Street St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 1B3

Address: 261 Talbot Street
St. Thomas, ON N5P 1B3

Call: (519) 633-2800

Email: mrt080@mistertransmission.com

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    Transmission Repair

    The evolution of transmissions has made these machines and systems increasingly complex. When transmission repairs are required, determining the cause and cure for what ails can be tricky.

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    Transmission Technology

    At Mister Transmission we have access to leading-edge diagnostic equipment, enabling us to offer you the fastest and most accurate findings about what’s going on inside your vehicle’s transmission.

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    Transmission Maintenance & Service

    Just as you have other parts of your car serviced, your transmission needs maintenance to ensure a long life and avoid transmission problems.

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    Customer Reviews
    Great fast service for all...
    John Polanski
    Great fast service for all types of vehicles
    Date: August 5, 2022
    Website: Google
    Mister Transmission is by far...
    Ali Johnston
    Mister Transmission is by far the most devoted auto shop in St. Thomas. Mark and his entire team are phenomenal. Not only do they have incredible service, but the most honest and fair pricing around. If you're ever in need of auto services look no further then the team at Mister Transmission, they got you covered!
    Date: July 19, 2022
    Website: Google
    They did an awesome job...
    Sandy G
    They did an awesome job on my 2014 jeep compass, manual transmission. Was having issues with it jerking in 2,3 and starting on 4th gear. Came to them for a second opinion thinking it was clutch (it wasn't). After testing her and doing a full careful inspection they figured out the issue (computer). They pre ordered the part and it was good to go thereafter. I definitely would recommend them, and will be going back for routine inspections. Thank you everyone, you did awesome!! To Mark and his whole team! Definitely gave me a piece of mind and she works better than ever!
    Date: July 17, 2022
    Website: Google
    We dealt with Mark at...
    Tim Ford
    We dealt with Mark at Mister Transmission St Thomas for a transmission rebuild on a 16 Dodge Journey. The repairs went smoothly and in a timely manner. The client was very happy they were able to get their vehicle back the same week before the long weekend. Thank you for everything. Tim Ford, Claims Manager, Nationwide Auto Warranty.
    Date: June 29, 2022
    Website: Google
    Great bunch of guys. No...
    Robert Taylor
    Great bunch of guys. No BS
    Date: June 3, 2022
    Website: Google
    Gerat service and Mark was...
    Anthony Johnson
    Gerat service and Mark was amazing
    Date: May 16, 2022
    Website: Google
    I have been going here...
    Colette Dillard
    I have been going here for the past 7 years, they are the only ones I allow to service my vehicle. I am always treated with kindness and respect. They always explain my options and the various costs associated with the job. The best mechanics in the business!
    Date: March 26, 2022
    Website: Google
    They're awesome, always come here...
    Kristan Goodson
    They're awesome, always come here for my vehicle needs
    Date: March 12, 2022
    Website: Google
    Mark and his staff are...
    John Allen
    Mark and his staff are friendly and professional. Mark walked through the issues and the cause with me. He gave me options for repairs to the transmission and helped me feel secure in the decisions made. Transmission repair is never cheap but I don't find the final bill outrageous in comparison either. I feel good recommending Mr Transmission in St. Thomas.
    Date: November 11, 2021
    Website: Google
    Honest & professional auto repairHighly...
    Clenry Guzman
    Honest & professional auto repairHighly recommend 👍
    Date: October 2, 2021
    Website: Google
    Transmission Service
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