Is Transmission Service Necessary?

Is Transmission Service Necessary?

When dealing with automotive professionals, regular people sometimes get nervous. They sometimes get suspicious. Suspicious of add-ons that auto dealers suggest. And suspicious of what automotive mechanics suggest.

Of all the components in your vehicle, why would your transmission need service? What’s so special about the transmission?

Automobiles are complicated machines. If you do not know a lot about them, don’t worry, many drivers don’t. But this could make you susceptible to swindles by less-than-honest mechanics. Do you really need this special type of service? Take for example the transmission. Is transmission service for suckers or is it necessary?

In a properly working vehicle, the tires will need to be replaced more than any other component. And most people can get their heads around this. Afterall, the tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually touch the ground (unless something goes badly wrong). More friction means more wear and tear. But there is friction and wear and tear within your transmission, as well.

We use the singular when discussing “the transmission” but it’s not just one thing. It is a set of a things; a number of different components working together to transfer power from the engine to the wheels.

Transmissions are complex, intricate things. There’s a lot going on in your transmission. For one thing, there are various belts and friction surfaces that can wear out over time. When they wear down, you could experience excessive vibrating, grinding, and clunking. That’s not good. And there’s so much else that can go wrong with a transmission. Transmission fluid leaks, transmission fluid degradation, defective solenoid packs, and not to mention the myriad things that can go haywire with the onboard computers in more modern transmissions.

Transmissions are important. Without a transmission, your engine will just make a lot of noise and you won’t go anywhere. But transmissions are also complex; there’s a lot that could go wrong. That’s why transmissions need regular service.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You want to nip any small problems in the bud before they become big –and expensive– problems. Here are some scenarios when you should take your transmission into a transmission shop for servicing: when you notice transmission leaks, if your transmission fluid looks or smells off during your monthly check, if you feel grinding or resistance when changing gears, if your vehicle slips into neutral, or just for routine service; about every 100,000-160,000 kms, depending on your manufacturer’s recommendation.

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