3 Major And 3 Minor Transmission Repairs

August 12, 2021 | By Mister Transmission

3 Major And 3 Minor Transmission Repairs

Transmission repairs are not all equal. There are minor and there are major transmission repairs. Here, we will go over three of each.

Minor Transmission Repair #1 – A Computer Scan

It’s 2021, so of course your vehicle has a computer in it. Unless you’re driving something very old, your vehicle probably has an onboard computer, and it can play a key role in diagnosing transmission problems. While it’s not particularly difficult to interface with your vehicle’s onboard computer, it does require the right technology and knowhow; this isn’t something even the handiest of car enthusiasts can do in their home garage. But at Mister Transmission, we can connect to your vehicle’s computer to find problem areas, such as faulty sensors or defective solenoid packs.

Major Transmission Repair #1 – Finding The Right Part To Replace

The computer doesn’t always give us a clear treasure map leading us to problem parts. That’s when things can get tricky. Having to hunt around to try to find what’s going wrong in a transmission can be a lengthy and aggravating process. It might even require the removal of the transmission from the chassis, and any time that becomes necessary, it’s a major transmission repair.

Minor Transmission Repair #2 – A Partial Reseal Job

Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of automatic (and some manual) transmissions. You don’t want to be leaking it. Thankfully, most leaks can be isolated and resealed without too much trouble, for example an axel seal or pan gasket.

Major Transmission Repair #2 – A Complete Reseal Job

There are times, however, when a complete reseal is necessary, because of multiple leaks, a coming apart of a transmission, or a difficult to locate leak. A complete reseal is, as you would expect, more involved than a partial one.

Minor Transmission Repair #3 – Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

Because transmission fluid is so important, it’s vital to keep it in good condition. This means checking it regularly (ideally once a month) and topping it up when necessary. We can do this for you at Mister Transmission easily. A little more involved is changing the transmission fluid, where we let the current fluid drain out, examine it for particulate matter, and replace it with a new filter.

Major Transmission Repair #3 – A Transmission Overhaul

Sometimes, because of an inability to find the problem part(s) or because so much of the transmission is damaged, it needs to be replaced. You can replace a transmission. which is a bit less labour intensive, but we generally advise against it. The refurbished replacement often has unknown provenance which could be problematic. Instead, every part should be examined and cleaned or replaced.

Mister Transmission

To learn more about transmission repair, please contact us. We have a comprehensive COVID-19 policy to keep everybody safe.

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Customer Reviews
Steve is an absolute gentleman!...
Prestige Photo
Steve is an absolute gentleman! A pleasure to do business with. He was honest, explained options and worked with me to find the solution that fit my needs. Thank you so much! Jeff
Date: June 4, 2023
Website: Google
New clutch works fantastic! My...
George Banman
New clutch works fantastic! My Yaris is ready for another 300,000 km!!
Date: June 3, 2023
Website: Google
Thank you for the great...
Vern Poschner
Thank you for the great and affordable repair
Date: June 3, 2023
Website: Google
I took my car for...
Brianne Miller
I took my car for repair. I had a transmission issue or so I thought and they ended up diagnosing my car and said it was an engine misfire not transmission problem really honest place they were professional and great customer service, didnt even charge me a diagnostic fee even provided me with shuttle their and back, I highly recommend Dan and this Mr transmission location
Date: June 2, 2023
Website: Google
Although it was an expensive...
Wing Chan
Although it was an expensive repair for my old work truck, but I do appreciate Ray and his team for kindness and considerate.
Date: June 2, 2023
Website: Google
Mister Transmission DIXIE Branch Was...
Danice Inc.
Mister Transmission DIXIE Branch Was very Professional and Knowledgeable
Date: June 2, 2023
Website: Google
I would highly recommend Mr...
Fred Tanton
I would highly recommend Mr Transmission and Chris and his team in Owen Sound they did a great job and had my truck done in no time with a better rebuild than the factory transmission that was in my truck for a decent price. Extremely nice and easy to talk too and excellent service
Date: June 2, 2023
Website: Google
Great place ,always been helpful...
Mathieu Roy
Great place ,always been helpful with some issues that I had with some vehicles
Date: June 2, 2023
Website: Google
Gary was so friendly and...
Greg Power
Gary was so friendly and helpful. Gave great advice and genuinely just wanted to help. Great experience and highly recommend
Date: June 2, 2023
Website: Google
Staff is extremely helpful. The...
Mallia MacDonald
Staff is extremely helpful. The receptionist is amazing explains things well. I’m very happy with the work that was done!
Date: June 2, 2023
Website: Google
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