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An Entrepreneur’s Return on Investment

As fellow entrepreneur’s we recognize that we go into business for ourselves to control our fate and look after our families. However one of the main differences between entrepreneurs and financial investors is that we get a strong sense of satisfaction in making a difference outside our immediate families. We take a great deal of satisfaction when our employee’s grow, when our employee’s buy homes, cars etc and the difference we can make to our communities. This is what encompasses an entrepreneur’s return on investment!

In my prior business I was one of four principal partners and I don’t think we did as good a job as we could have in giving back to the community. When I was searching out my next business venture this was one of the attractions – giving back to community or in other words increasing my entrepreneurial return on investment. It means a great deal to me and I strongly hope we can make a difference as a team.

In terms of a charitable organization we tried to identify one which would align with our brand and that we could all feel good about. With your support at the AGM we ratified our choice of charities, the CBCF, and I thank you for that – now we need to make it happen.

Personally this means a lot to me and I will tell you why. My mother has had breast cancer for over 35 years. When we were in high school (yes I know I look older than I am!) my father told us my mother had to have some surgery but did not tell us why. I did not really focus on it as my mother was absent for a week or so and I remember visiting her but we had no idea that she had breast cancer. In those days it wasn’t something we really talked about. As I understood much later she had a double mastectomy followed by radiation every 6 weeks. The radiation left terrible scarring on the chest in those days. Chemotherapy was not performed back then and my mother has been told that if she would have had it back then the cancer likely would not have resurfaced.
Fast forward 30 years and unfortunately my mother’s cancer metastasized. We began revisiting the oncologist whom prescribed various treatments over the last 5 years culminating in her first chemotherapy sessions starting in December the day she was supposed to go to Florida and ending in April. She is recovering well but clearly tired. My mother is an extremely tough lady and I had only see her cry once when her mother died in 1967. I will tell you though when we made a decision to support CBCF partly on her behalf I heard her cry for the second time. She was extremely happy, even in midst of chemotherapy that we had chosen to make a difference. The Entrepreneurs Return on Investment.

Please join us, together we can make a difference.


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