What Is An Automatic Transmission Rebuild?

November 3, 2022 | By Mister Transmission

What Is an Automatic Transmission Rebuild?

Learn how an automatic transmission rebuild works, when these rebuilds are necessary, and the benefits of a rebuild over a complete transmission replacement.

What Is An Automatic Transmission Rebuild?

An automatic transmission rebuild, also called a transmission overhaul, is the meticulous rebuilding of a transmission piece by piece. Rebuilds are necessary when a transmission has experienced a catastrophic failure. When a transmission is thoroughly damaged, a technician may decide that replacing a few parts won’t solve the problem. Sometimes technicians can’t find the source of a problem, and so they need to inspect every component within the transmission.

In such scenarios, a technician might give you two choices. They’ll say they can replace your transmission entirely with a completely different one, or they can replace each damaged part individually. Many car owners initially prefer the transmission replacement option. It’s simpler, and it seems like it should be faster. At Mister Transmission, our technicians usually recommend a transmission rebuild, though.

Why Is A Transmission Rebuild Better Than A Transmission Replacement?

Replacing a transmission with a totally new one seems like a great option, until you realize that, despite how they’re marketed, these transmissions are rarely ever “new”. They’re typically aftermarket transmissions that have been rebuilt themselves. You don’t necessarily know where they came from and who did the work. And you certainly don’t know the provenance of each individual part. These components may not even be compatible with one another.

If you replace your transmission, you really don’t know what you’re getting. This can cause major problems in the future. Why replace a broken transmission with another malfunctioning one? It doesn’t make sense. That’s why we typically recommend a transmission rebuild to our clients.

The Process Of Rebuilding A Transmission

When the technicians at Mister Transmission perform a rebuild, they remove the transmission from the body of the vehicle and take it apart piece by piece. They inspect each individual part. They replace damaged parts and clean the operational parts in a special solution. As a matter of course, they replace all parts that have friction surfaces, such as bands and clutches, as well as all seals and gaskets. They also replace the torque converter, usually with a remanufactured one. At the end of a transmission rebuild, you have an automatic transmission that may not be completely new, but it’s at least one that’s completely certain to function properly. It’s a lot of work, but it gets the job done.

Come To Mister Transmission For Any Transmission Service Or Repair You Need.

At Mister Transmission, we can overhaul and rebuild your transmission. Please get in touch with us today to schedule a transmission inspection, maintenance service, or repair.

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Timely professional service exactly as...
Milton Miller
Timely professional service exactly as quoted.
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Mandeep gave excellent service and...
Mandeep gave excellent service and was very honest. Thank you for everything!
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Jamie Robertson
Had an issue with our delivery van. Called Mister Transmission and 5 minutes later Travis was here. Exceptional service! Highly recommended. Thank you on behalf of Gerry's Truck Centre
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Cole Boyd
Good crew and fast honest work, would recommend to friends and family.
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Akayla Mitchell
I don’t even know where to begin. Mark went above and beyond from our first conversation and walked me through everything and kept me updated the whole way. My car ended up being more complex then we all originally thought but the team handled it amazingly and Mark made sure I understood everything that was happening and worked longer hours to help trouble shoot. I must say have to worry about a big repair on a 3 month old car was not something I imagined having to navigate but Mark showed compassion and honesty I would go back in a heartbeat(hopefully I won’t need to for a long time!) Thank you again Mark, Tyler and team. My car runs 1000x better than when I bought it.
Date: May 16, 2024
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Brian Taylor
Had a great experience with this company. They were able to get my car in on the same day to give me an estimate. Ordered the part needed that day and and the following day it was completely fixed. Thank you. Excellent customer service!
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My son’s Pontiac Vibe was...
William Ong
My son’s Pontiac Vibe was developing a whiny noise. We traced the sound to the front of the engine. We brought the car to Mister Transmission for them to diagnose. They took time to fully check it out and found the ac compressor to be the culprit. They didn’t charge us at all. I can’t thank them enough. They gave recommendation on what to do. Good people.
Date: May 16, 2024
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It is a breath of...
Valerie Lauzon
It is a breath of fresh air to have had a mechanic who has integrity. I went in with a concern and I was reassured that my car was fine. Thank you so much!
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Excellent customer service. I am...
Bev Hanna-Jones
Excellent customer service. I am so pleased with the work done on my car. Thanks to a great team of mechanics who are there for their customers!
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Great work and good prices! Quick oil changes too! Been going here for years
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