What Are The Most Common Transmission Repairs?

August 14, 2020 | By Mister Transmission

What Are The Most Common Transmission Repairs?

Transmissions are incredibly intricate pieces of machinery. There’s a lot that goes on in order to transfer power from your engine to your wheels. And that means there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Any Number Of Problems Can Occur Within A Transmission. But Some Parts Are More Likely To Require Repairs Than Others.

By learning what are the most common transmission repairs, you can get a sense of where the most troublesome spots are within a transmission, as well as how to avoid having to need these repairs. In some respects, transmissions have weak points, but usually it’s more of a case of a driver neglecting a small problem and then that problem turning into a big problem. A big problem that requires repairs, sometimes big repairs. So, just what are the most common transmission repairs?

The Good News Is That A Lot Of Transmission Repairs Are Relatively Minor Ones.

Small adjustments and in-car repairs account for a large amount of transmission repairs. If your transmission needs a repair, you’d better hope that said repair does not necessitate the removal of the transmission from the body of the vehicle. If a repair can be done with the transmission still in place, it’s a relatively minor one. Such repairs might require the replacement of a sensor or solenoid pack, or an adjustment to the throttle cable in older models. There are also accessible parts that can be replaced relatively easily.

Most Transmission Problems Involve Transmission Fluid In Some Way. A Lack Of Transmission Fluid Can Cause Any Number Of Problems. And A Lack Of Transmission Fluid Can Be Caused By A Leak.

Reseal jobs repair external transmission fluid leaks. If you notice patches of reddish liquid on the ground under your car, your transmission may need a re-seal job. A transmission tech will put your vehicle on a lift and examine it for signs of a transmission fluid or, in manual transmissions, a transmission oil leak. Most external seals can be replaced while the transmission is still in the car, except for the front seal.

If Your Transmission Is Really Damaged Or If The Problem Cannot Be Ascertained, The Transmission Repair You Need Might Be A Transmission Overhaul.

Transmission overhauls/rebuilds require the removal and disassembly of the transmission in its entirety. Every part is inspected for wear and tear and either cleaned or replaced with another part, depending on its condition. Parts with friction surfaces, however, are replaced regardless, as are all seals and gaskets and the torque converter.

Mister Transmission

To learn more about transmission repair or to ask about a repair you think your transmission might need, please get in touch with us at one of our many locations.

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