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Do you have a transmission or driveline issue with your muscle car, custom rod, sport tuner or race vehicle? Are you looking to upgrade to the next level of performance & liability?

Mister Racing is your listing of Mister Transmission locations across the country that are uniquely equipped to source and service high performance transmission and driveline components. After all, who better to trust your performance driveline than Canada’s leading transmission and technology experts. We have the technology, training and parts to take you where you want to go!

Note: As some vehicles and uses are highly specialized, we recommend contacting the individual locations for more information on your specific application.

Locations offering service for high performance transmissions:


British Columbia


New Brunswick




We share your passion! The hot cars featured on this page are all either owned or supported by Mister Transmission Franchisees.


What Customers Say About Mister Transmission

  • They did awesome job and they are super friendly to be there.... stAff alway smile.. that m are us more welcome. They did good I would return there

    3 weeks Ago
  • Very satisfied with the immediate service with the cost of repairs involved.

    1 month Ago
  • Found bill to be fairly high for the hours charged with some of the work required

    1 month Ago
  • Good customer service Vehicle run well, so far

    1 month Ago
  • Work was done excellently well. Although pricey, it was worth every penny

    2 months Ago
  • Awesome and quick service!

    2 months Ago
  • Speedy service. Great communication during the process. I am happy with the job they did, saved me from getting a new car!

    3 months Ago
  • Friendly and knowledgeable

    3 months Ago
  • I spent an hour trying to find a local shop that would work on an Audi. Everyone denied the service and mysteriously didn't have another recommended shop. Within minutes of our initial conversation, you had a tow truck on the way! The whole process was quick and painless. Very impressed!

    4 months Ago
  • Great Customer Service. Manager was able to have answers in a timely fashion for me and recommended the best repair action.

    4 months Ago

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