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Reviewed by brian f

good workmanship

6 Days Ago

Reviewed by Neil S

Great work done by the Pembina Hwy team!

1 Week Ago

Reviewed by Dale P

Excellent interaction with customer and excellent service.

1 Month Ago

Reviewed by Ross D

Fast and efficient service.

1 Month Ago

Reviewed by Sherilyn C

After talking to 3 places to see why my vehicle was shuddering shifting gears, knew it was the torque converter but Neil took the the time to explain that there was most likely some damage to the transmission and why. I could have paid $1500 for replacing the converter only thern get told it would be double or have to replace the transmission at an even higher cost within a very short time. I feel I was given the facts and left to choose my best route without pressure. The warranty also helped make that decision.

1 Month Ago

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