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Whatever your car's transmission needs are, we take care of it!


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Transmission Repair Specialists Articles to help you

A Brief History of Automatic Transmissions
Our society has "shifted" over to mainly automatic transmissions. This article touches on the key factors that 'drove' this change.
Transmission Repair Options
You have different options when it comes to repairing your transmission: replacing it with a new or used transmission, rebuilding or remanufacturing it or simply repairing it.
Transmission Basics
Transmission 101: A simple definition, the key parts and troubleshooting your transmission.
How Does a Torque Converter Work?
Why do automatic transmission cars need a torque converter and how does a torque converter work?
How Differentials Work
What is the purpose of a differential and why does your car need one?
What is a Drivetrain?
What's the difference between the drivetrain, the powertrain and the driveline? What does the drivetrain do and what is it comprised of?
Engine Problems That Seem Like Transmission Problems
Indicators to help to identify the difference between engine problems vs. transmission problems.
Tips for Preventing a Transmission Breakdown
Prevention is better than cure: tried and true ways to help prevent a transmission breakdown.
How do I Know What Transmission I Have?
There are hundreds of different types of transmissions on the road today. Knowing which type your vehicle has can help you immensely when searching for service information.
Five Myths About Transmissions
There are a number of myths surrounding transmission services, here we dispel those myths backed up by the facts about why they are false.

More Transmission Articles

What we do
What we do
Mister Transmission has worked hard to earn the trust of Canadian customers. With franchisees from coast to coast, we are proud to be the largest chain of transmission, and driveline repair specialists in Canada. More about Mister Transmission
Why we do it better
Why we do it better
Mister Transmission provides a free road test and multi-check service. We pride ourselves in providing expert service, quality repairs, outstanding warranty protection, we will get you where you need to be. What's included in Service and Repair
Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee
Mister Transmission has been keeping Canadians on the road with quality transmission repairs and expert service since 1963. We automatically back all of our mechanical services with a minimum 6 month/6,000 km warranty on parts and labour. Canada's Best Warranty
Transmission Tips
Transmission Tips
It is important to maintain your automatic transmission in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations. Mister Transmission specialists service all foreign and domestic vehicles. Spotting Transmisson Problems
Transmission FAQs
Transmission FAQs
What causes transmission failure? What can you do to prevent transmission problems? Transmission FAQ
Transmission School
Transmission School
Automatic transmissions contain mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer controls, all working together in perfect harmony which goes virtually unnoticed until there is a transmission problem or transmission failure. Visit the transmission school

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