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Depuis 1963, Monsieur Transmission est le nom que les Canadiens font confiance pour leur fournir des réparations de haute qualité et un service expert.

Avec des franchises commodément situées d'un océan à l'autre, Monsieur Transmission est la plus importante chaîne de spécialistes de la transmission et de la réparation de chaînes de transmission au Canada. Nous sommes fiers de notre réputation et de notre histoire en tant que premiers experts canadiens en matière de transmission et de technologie. C'est une réputation que nous avons gagnée en mettant les automobilistes canadiens sur la route le plus rapidement possible en réparant efficacement leurs problèmes de transmission.

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  • they diagnosed the transmission problems and quickly fixed it...

    1 Jour Ago
  • Communication was always clear and I never had trouble getting in touch.

    2 Jours Ago
  • Excellent service. Transmission rebuilt in a timely manner. Was given the option of a repair or rebuild and chose the rebuild for a better warranty and less likelihood of a recurrence of breakdown.

    3 Jours Ago
  • We were surprised at the cost of the repair and the time frame to get the vehicle back. But we understood. will bring it back in 15 days for a 15 minutes test they said

    3 Jours Ago
  • Great quality work as usual.

    6 Jours Ago
  • Excellent interaction with customer and excellent service.

    6 Jours Ago
  • Fast and efficient service.

    1 Semaine Ago
  • The guys at this location were very helpful and got our van fixed in a very timely manner, and were very courteous..

    1 Semaine Ago
  • After talking to 3 places to see why my vehicle was shuddering shifting gears, knew it was the torque converter but Neil took the the time to explain that there was most likely some damage to the transmission and why. I could have paid $1500 for replacing the converter only thern get told it would be double or have to replace the transmission at an even higher cost within a very short time. I feel I was given the facts and left to choose my best route without pressure. The warranty also helped make that decision.

    1 Semaine Ago
  • Good service and fairly quick, and helpfully reported on other issues that needed attention.

    1 Semaine Ago
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