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Depuis 1963, Monsieur Transmission est le nom que les Canadiens font confiance pour leur fournir des réparations de haute qualité et un service expert.

Avec des franchises commodément situées d'un océan à l'autre, Monsieur Transmission est la plus importante chaîne de spécialistes de la transmission et de la réparation de chaînes de transmission au Canada. Nous sommes fiers de notre réputation et de notre histoire en tant que premiers experts canadiens en matière de transmission et de technologie. C'est une réputation que nous avons gagnée en mettant les automobilistes canadiens sur la route le plus rapidement possible en résolvant efficacement leurs problèmes de transmission partout où ils se produisent.

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  • We had to wait weeks for a part to be delivered from a third party, but Mr Transmission called with updates during the two-week-long wait period and were extremely apologetic, even though it was no fault of their's..

    169 Aujourd'hui
  • Wonderful, honest service!

    169 Aujourd'hui
  • Knowledgeable and honest - work done in a timely fashion. Would recommend and will return.

    169 Aujourd'hui
  • Very nice person who looked after me. Was able to talk to him and he didn't talk down to me. answered my question and showed me the problem.

    169 Aujourd'hui
  • Felt the person was extremely knowledgeable which relaxed me. I was extremely confident. The people working there were also very pleasant.

    170 Aujourd'hui
  • Very friendly.

    170 Aujourd'hui
  • My uncle had his vehicle fixed here 7 year agaonwhen on a trip from Nova Scotia. When I called him to see what I should do about my repair he said call rich( or rick because it was 7 years ago) and you won't be disappointed. Rich and his team were great and I will always use him and his team for any further repairs and will recommend them as well Thanks a lot rich Sean

    174 Aujourd'hui
  • Blair and Neil were so knowledgeable and patient in explaining the issue with my vehicle. It was repaired and ready on time as promised. I will definitely return for future vehicle repairs and will highly recommend Mr.Transmission on Pembina Hwy. Thank you so much!

    174 Aujourd'hui
  • Very pleasant , professional & gave up to date info on repairs.

    175 Aujourd'hui
  • Mr. Transmission was a saviour that day. My transmission went as I was returning from Richmond to Surrey. I was literally coasting over the Patullo hope to not be THAT person stalled on the bridge. Fortunately we made it over and safety into a gas station parking lot. BCAA wasn't able to come until 2:30. I called my Kal Tire, regular mechanics, who informed me that they would be sending up the road to the Mr. Transmission and why not call directly. They gave me the number, I called and spoke with Nav. Generally they close at 1 on a Saturday. When I told him BCAA couldn't come until 2:30 he offered to come back from home to meet me. It all worked perfectly for the meet. My car was repaired and returned to me. It was still running a bit roughly so I drove it to give the computer more information. Took it back to Nav and his techs to review. Nav dropped me back home. He then came back with car, after review, so that I could attend to a family emergency. When I was able to return the car for the followup to the adjustment they once again gave me a ride home, thoroughly reviewed the transmission and delivered it back to me. I can't say enough about the service I have received at this Mr. T. I support local business and mutual respectful relationships between them.

    180 Aujourd'hui
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