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Depuis 1963, Monsieur Transmission est le nom que les Canadiens font confiance pour leur fournir des réparations de haute qualité et un service expert.

Avec des franchises commodément situées d'un océan à l'autre, Monsieur Transmission est la plus importante chaîne de spécialistes de la transmission et de la réparation de chaînes de transmission au Canada. Nous sommes fiers de notre réputation et de notre histoire en tant que premiers experts canadiens en matière de transmission et de technologie. C'est une réputation que nous avons gagnée en mettant les automobilistes canadiens sur la route le plus rapidement possible en réparant efficacement leurs problèmes de transmission.

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  • Very satisfied with service and speed of repair

    10 Heures Ago
  • Good job thx.

    20 Heures Ago
  • Ken and Bob examined the two problems, provided an estimate for the repairs giving two alternative solutions and recommending the best option from their experience. Far more expensive than I had envisioned so we'll see in time if the repair holds up satisfactorily. Proof is in the eating.

    21 Heures Ago
  • My regular mechanic thought it was the main engine seal leaking and didn’t have the equipment to drop the transmission so I researched transmission shop reviews. The shop on Don Park had good reviews. Glad I took my car there. Ken tracked down the cause to a leaking sensor and saved me the cost of a major repair. Thanks Ken.

    1 Jour Ago
  • so far so good

    1 Jour Ago
  • Joe and Giuliano were a great help to getting my hybrid car repaired. The transmission didn't go into reverse. I brought them the car. They called me and told me it now goes into reverse. Everyone is happy.. Long story short. Great customer service. They always answer the phone, always keep you informed, and are very knowledgeable. Thank you!

    2 Jours Ago
  • Great friendly service, and expert on transmission, highly recommended.

    3 Jours Ago
  • The Sarnia mister Transmission staff was fantastic, greet me by name with a smile when I walked in. Even had the snow cleaned off my car ready for me. Honest far better then the dealership was. My car is running awesome now. Didn’t take long for them to diagnose contact us then do the repairs. Thank you for your help. I will continue to a customer.

    3 Jours Ago
  • Frank was very helpfull and thorough.

    5 Jours Ago
  • Chris Kennedy was very helpful and explained exactly what they would be doing. Would recommend anyone that has transmission problems to visit his business as he is very thorough and I believe a very honest person who will do whatever he can to help you....

    6 Jours Ago
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