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Depuis 1963, Monsieur Transmission est le nom que les Canadiens font confiance pour leur fournir des réparations de haute qualité et un service expert.

Avec des franchises commodément situées d'un océan à l'autre, Monsieur Transmission est la plus importante chaîne de spécialistes de la transmission et de la réparation de chaînes de transmission au Canada. Nous sommes fiers de notre réputation et de notre histoire en tant que premiers experts canadiens en matière de transmission et de technologie. C'est une réputation que nous avons gagnée en mettant les automobilistes canadiens sur la route le plus rapidement possible en réparant efficacement leurs problèmes de transmission.

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  • We were very pleased with the repair on our car. Ken and his team quickly diagnosed the problem and got it fixed for us quickly. They were friendly and polite and did not hesitate to explain all the details of diagnosis and repair, Of course transmission repair is often expensive, we felt that they were fair.

    2 Jours Ago
  • No one likes spend a lot of money on repairs but they did their best to get me great deals and with a year warranty on my master cylinder repair it was worth it.The staff was great as well.

    2 Jours Ago
  • The only thing is there is not really a office. I have double hip replacements and i could of waited for my van, instead of travelling in the snow on foot. I am always fearful of falling and breaking my hip replacement.

    4 Jours Ago
  • Blair and Neil were knowledgeable and good communicators regarding the issue. Service was timely. I'm hoping that it resolved the problem.

    5 Jours Ago
  • Gave me a good price. Took longer than expected. Communication back and forth not the best.

    5 Jours Ago
  • Matt located the problem quickly and completed the repair at a fair price. Thank you very much, Ron P.

    6 Jours Ago
  • Good communication, responsive, attentive and reliable service.

    6 Jours Ago
  • I had a good experience with Bob and Ken, they were timely, communicative and willing to take extra time to explain the details of the repair. Excellent and professional service. Thank you.

    6 Jours Ago
  • Frank from Coquitlam location always helps us out with our needs.

    6 Jours Ago
  • Thanks for the excellent service. What I liked most about Bob and Ken (the owner and the front desk person; respectively) is their down-to-earthness and responding to my questions. I've been doubting the health of my transmission for a while. Two months ago, while driving along the highway, the car felt like accelerating by itself following a minute touch on the gas pedal. I was alarmed and stopped to make sure that there's nothing wrong. Along came a recall from VolksWagen (my car is Jetta) about a probable problem with gear lever. That I've never experienced. Thank God! Another issue is that transmission seems to deserve more attention. Yes, as is my case, the regular maintenance can assure you that there is nothing wrong with your transmission. However, - as Bob and Ken emphasized -, transmission needs a specialist, then a generalist. Now I'm a guy who still values seeing the business owner - any business owner - working hard to please customers in a reasonable fashion. Life taught me that no one is immune from incidental catastrophes. And having the right people to consult is what one needs most when these incidental catastrophes strikes!

    1 Semaine Ago
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