Written Reviews

Reviewed by Michael C

Gary was very knowledgeable! Service was good!

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Rick I

Service and Staff were Excellent, thank you mr.transmission, Richmond hill

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Danny P

Job and service well done!

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Jessica R

Gary at Richmond Hill Mister Transmission was excellent, he was professional and helpful. He got my repair completed in a tight timeline because I had to return my car on lease. Thank you so much!

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Francis M

Gary and his staff provided a very pleasant experience for first time business. Upon learning the contact information, I gave Gary a call and he was extremely helpful in diagnosing specifically what the potential problems were with my vehicle. Once I had brought my vehicle in (after business hours at night), he and his team descended upon it immediately the following morning. The very next day, Gary called my cellphone to explain what they had uncovered, but was unable to reach me because I was on the job. Very professionally, he left me 3 voicemails periodically throughout the day, detailing what they had found and not proceeding with a repair without my consent. When I finally got through to Gary, he was polite and welcoming, as he laid out the process and cost of the repairs needed moving forward. He assured me that my vehicle will be well taken care of in a couple of days (max) and that he and his team had dealt with similar problems in a host of vehicles in the same make and model as mine in the past. As a first time customer, this made me feel relaxed. All in all, Gary and his team were as professional as it gets, with a knack in customer service. I will be returning to this location with any future concerns or problems. I am very satisfied; my P71 is back to driving like a dream!

2 Years Ago

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