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Reviewed by Jonathan P

Brought my GT500 in to have the blocker rings change to carbon on gears 3 and 4 and I supplied the parts from TREMEC. Was told when I dropped it off on the Monday that it might be ready the same day. Called on Wednesday for an update. Was told it wasn't looked at yet. Was called on Thursday and informed that the tech who was going to work on my car was sick. Was guaranteed it would be ready on Friday. On Saturday called and e-mailed the shop for an update. Was e-mailed back that they finished with my transmission, but, they were unable to install the new blocker rings as discussed. They were unable to get the blocker ring to fit. Instead of ordering new upgraded blocker rings as had been done at a previous shop on gears 1,2,5,6 and R, they just installed the old used parts that I left with them to show what was removed. As a result, none of the parts they installed have any warranty at all. They just re-installed used parts that I had already paid a different transmission shop to remove Total labour was 8 hrs, yet I was billed for 10. Was told that tranny removal is a fixed price of 5.5 hrs even though it only took them 4. So, if I want to upgrade my blocker rings on 3 and 4, I will have to pay another shop to do it. I acknowledge that my transmission seems to be shifting fine, however, they were contracted to fix the blocker rings and upgrade the syncros. Their website says they are a high performance transmission shop, when I asked them if they were, they seemed confused by the question, like they had no idea their website listed them as such...disappointed for sure. Hopefully I win my repair for free because I have to go to yet another transmission shop to have the work completed.

7 Months Ago

Reviewed by Meri B

The staff was very open to solving my transmission leak directly without having to order new cables and the unit they are attached to which the dealer promotes.. Overall, lines were repaired professionally at a very reasonable rate and I was spared paying over 485.00 for new parts. Now thats service!

1 Year Ago

Reviewed by Stirling C

I thought the cost was high. Including tax $4,400.00 to rebuild a transmission. I was told $100.00 would be deducted from the bill by Ryan when I told him I thought the cost was very high. Didn't happen. Other than that the service was friendly and professional.

1 Year Ago

Reviewed by Dexter

Beauty, thanks, great service.

1 Year Ago

Reviewed by Kirby G

Quick diagnosis of my transmission problem by the shop owner with straightforward options on how to resolve it. Worked with me to find a sensible solution that accounted for the vehicle's age and how much I was prepared to spend to keep it on the road. I appreciate the no pressure guidance I received and am comfortable with the repair decision I ultimately made. The repairs were done efficiently and exactly as described beforehand. My SUV hasn't performed with such get-up-and-go for a long time. Overall, I'm very satisfied with whole experience (I can't believe I such said that about a transmission repair!).

1 Year Ago

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