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excellent service for a reasonable price, very nice staff.

Andrii S
4 Weeks Ago

The expertise and time that Chris/Dawn provided us in making the decision to repair my vehicle at $8000.00 cost gave us the comfort to proceed. We were unable to get into the city for a couple of days in a snow storm and they offered us no hassle to leave the vehicle there and pay once we were able to drive in and discuss the repairs and pick the vehicle up. Excellent customer service.

Peggy G
4 Weeks Ago

These guys were quick and seem to know their trade. My cars problems a are still a sort of mystery, but they gave me enough peace of mind to keep tracking on. Did more digging than some other shops, so thanks!

Anamaria H
4 Weeks Ago

Overall BEST automotive experience Ive EVER had. I found myself stranded with a Transmission that blew a seal. The tow truck brought it there on a sunday night. Monday morning I called to let them know it was mine and Dawn was very polite and pleasant w me even though it was in an inconvenient place and not mobile. My truck was there for just under 2 weeks and in that time the transmission needed to come out twice due to a faulty Torque converter ( this happens ) and while it was under deconstruction and construction they were able to fix my engine and oil problem that wouldve eventually caused my engine to fail. During my trucks stay both Dawn and Chris kept me up to date and were courteous every time I called. Thank you for getting me back on the road and allowing this experience to be the very best possible

Jessy E
2 Months Ago

Great service and communication. Chris went the extra mile to do the job right and did his best to control the cost.

Graham F
2 Months Ago

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Customer Reviews
Very happy with the required...
Neil Burke
Very happy with the required transmission service provided by the team at Mr Transmission. Kris was friendly and very thorough with the work description, completion time and expected cost. He provided me with informative updates and when the job was completed there were no surprises with the invoice or quality in the work. Very positive experience and a pleasure in dealing with both Kris and Dawn. Good work !!
Date: March 30, 2024
Website: Google
Awesome service. Fixed my transmission...
Jamie Kreitz
Awesome service. Fixed my transmission without taking advantage. Great prices great turnaround.
Date: March 30, 2024
Website: Google
Highly impressed with the service...
Bianca Marinho
Highly impressed with the service at Mr Transmission! The staff was transparent and knowledgeable, providing regular updates throughout the service process. Their fair pricing and flexible payment options make them a standout choice for car maintenance. I highly recommend their services!
Date: February 26, 2024
Website: Google
These guys (Chris & Dawn,...
Nathan Bouvier
These guys (Chris & Dawn, and Crew) are absolutely amazing I couldn't recommend MR Transmission enough!! I have a 2016 f150 with the 6R80 and for a little while I had almost every symptom of a bad torque converter expecting to need a full rebuild, I called in a asked for a worst case scenario qoute and was asked to bring it in, I was expecting a $4-7k rebuild I was 90% sure it was the torque converter, with a quick scan and diagnostic it was found the output speed sensor had gone and Chris without looking at a book or a screen 1300$ was the qoute and 1250$ was the final price these guys know what they are doing but the most appreciated thing you guys did for me was rush the repair knowing I had no way to get home to wait for the repair to finish they allowed me to wait in the shop and offered me coffee I really appreciate you guys. thank you for being a HONEST shop you could've just said oh yeah needs a torque converter and i would've believed you, but you didn't so thank you I will be recommending you to anyone I come across in need of you're amazing services!
Date: January 31, 2024
Website: Google
Very experienced mechanics. Great job,...
Christopher Eden
Very experienced mechanics. Great job, wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them. Thanks Again, Chris
Date: January 31, 2024
Website: Google
After finishing a 12 hour...
Garon Baxter
After finishing a 12 hour shift shovelling snow on Christmas Eve, our F150s transmission kicked the bucket on the way home. After postponing all of our Christmas plans and limping the truck to two shops in my neighbourhood and being told that our only option was replacing it with a used transmission, a family member told us he took his Mustang in to this exact location and had it rebuilt by Kris and the crew and the results could not have been better. So we called, and immediately knew that we would be in good hands here. They correctly identified the problem before they even popped the hood, the final cost was a hair under the quoted price and finished a few days ahead of schedule, they brought out a box of all the parts they pulled out and walked us through the process, offer free checkups afterwards, and on top of all this they are confident enough in the work to offer a 2 year warranty - something no other shop would do for rebuilds. You will not find a transmission repair shop with more professional service nor one that will offer you more peace of mind. By far the best experience with a mechanic we have ever had, and I cannot recommend them enough.
Date: January 23, 2024
Website: Google
Great staff great food…!!!
John Zawadzki
Great staff great food…!!!
Date: January 12, 2024
Website: Google
This place deserves recognition! I...
Ashton Brooker
This place deserves recognition! I can't say enough good things about this location. I took my car in with some concerning symptoms. Quick service with friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Their flexibility made it easy to plan a good time that fit into my crazy schedule. We will be bringing all of our vehicles to this location for future repairs and services. 10/10 Highly recommend!
Date: January 8, 2024
Website: Google
Awesome place ! Fixed my...
Liam Sunstrum
Awesome place ! Fixed my transmission and we’re updating me every step of the way. Chris and his team are awesome
Date: December 1, 2023
Website: Google
Helped me in a very...
Sven Runkehl
Helped me in a very quick manner to rebuild my compunder drum! Thanks also to the mechanic who rebuilt it for me and even explained me what was broken and tips getting it all back together! Unfortunately forgot his name but thanks a lot getting my work van back on the road!
Date: October 24, 2023
Website: Google
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