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Reviewed by Linus M

Very Professional and friendly service

9 Months Ago

Reviewed by Alan L

After a giving the dealer a chance to diagnose an intermittent transmission issue on my brother's 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan, gut was saying this particular dealer was another example of a bad apple giving a bad name to the industry and overselling the customer (me). After years of knowing about Mister Transmission but never having gone to have work done, decided to give the Markham location a chance. Called them up, spoke to Ken, let him know the issue that was being experienced, told him my bad feeling about the dealer's diagnostic and W/O write-up, and let him know I wasn't the average customer - let him know I knew what I was talking about, know a lot about the the industry, I just don't work in it. I said you must know a lot about the Chrysler 6 speed 62TE, so what do you recommend? Decided to give it a chance. Booked the appt for a Saturday morning. Upon arriving, was immediately greeting by Ken in-person. He is the last of a dying breed of great guys who have seen a lot, and as a result, have a ton of experience in this industry, and common pattern failures of a particular application. He explained what he thought would need to be done after some diagnostics, I authorized it and left the car with him. Now, here is the part I really appreciate. Throughout the next week the van was there, he called at multiple points of the process to update me and tell me what was going on, and what was found. It was at least 3-4 calls during the week. This is what I appreciate, that most Independents or even OEM stores fail to really do. And the calls didn't feel like up-sells - Ken's calls felt like legitimate, real recommendations and requests for authorization to proceed further. I told him to keep this up, because most places (auto industry or otherwise) they say they will call or call back - they never do. Long story short - car was estimated to be done the next Tuesday or Wednesday. It was done mid-day Tuesday. Picked it up, and all seems good. Ken really makes a difference at this particular location. If you go to the Markham location, I'd ask for him by name.

9 Months Ago

Reviewed by Michael C

Clutch cylinder repair was completed in a quick and timely manner. Ken was courteous and very accommodating to that fact I needed repairs completed quickly. I would come back and do recommend to others in need of transmission repair.

10 Months Ago

Reviewed by Paul F

Ken is great and easy to work with

11 Months Ago

Reviewed by kelly c

Great service ,very friendly

11 Months Ago

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