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Pinpointing the exact cause of any transmission problem takes skill, knowledge, and investigation

The evolution of transmissions has made these machines and systems increasingly complex. When transmission repairs are required, determining the cause and cure for what ails can be tricky. Why? Because transmissions have become remarkably complex and computerized and that presents both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, transmission performance has become noticeably better in all vehicle makes and models. On the other, the increased complexity and digitization of transmission systems has made repair work a highly technical and complicated affair.

As you can imagine, there are different types of transmission repair jobs and options you can choose from depending on the nature of your vehicle’s breakdown. Understanding what those options are can help you make informed decisions when faced with a choice of transmission repairs to weigh.

A Repair for Every Type of Transmission Malfunction

Some transmission repair work is straightforward and mechanical in nature. Other times, it’s a combination of mechanical and electronic engineering that’s required to get your car back on the road. The most common types of repair work include:

  • Adjustments and in-car repairs. Most minor repairs are simple matters that are done without removing the transmission from the vehicle. If yours is a computer-controlled transmission that is not shifting properly, it is often the result of a computer sending incorrect signals due to a faulty sensor, or the transmission is not reacting to the command because of a bad connection or defective solenoid pack. If a non-computer controlled transmission is shifting too early or too late, it may require an adjustment to the throttle cable. If the vehicle has a vacuum modulator instead of a throttle cable, there is an adjustment that can be made using an adjustment screw in some designs. In vehicles with modulators, however, it is important to ensure there are no vacuum leaks and that the engine is running at peak efficiency.
  • Reseal jobs. A transmission is re-sealed to repair external transmission fluid leaks. If you see spots of red oil on the ground under the car, your transmission may need a re-seal job. To check a transmission for leaks, a technician will put the vehicle on a lift and examine the unit for signs of oil leaks. If a leak is spotted at any of the external seals or gaskets and the transmission otherwise performs well, the technician will most likely recommend that the transmission be re-sealed. Most of the external seals can be replaced while the transmission is still in the car but, if the front seal must be replaced, the transmission must first be removed from the vehicle to gain access to it.
  • Replacing accessible parts. There are a number of parts that are accessible without requiring the removal of the complete transmission. The parts that are accessible, however, vary from transmission to transmission and most transmission repair facilities would hesitate to provide meaningful warranties on external repairs for the simple reason that they cannot see if there are any additional internal problems in the components that are only accessible by transmission removal.
  • Complete overhauls. Also known as “rebuilding a transmission”, a complete overhaul involves the removal and disassembly of the transmission in its entirety. Every part is inspected for wear and damage, then cleaned in a special cleaning solution, or replaced with another part depending on its condition. Parts that have friction surfaces, such as bands and clutches are replaced as are all seals and gaskets. The torque converter is also replaced, usually with a remanufactured one. Technical service bulletins are checked to see if the auto manufacturer recommends any modifications to correct design defects that were discovered after the transmission was built. Automobile manufacturers often make upgrade kits available to transmission shops to resolve these design defects.

Replacing or Overhauling a Transmission

When a transmission requires an overhaul, there are two options that you may have. The first is to remove your existing transmission and overhaul it, then put the rebuilt unit back in your car. The second option is to replace your existing unit with another unit that has already been rebuilt or remanufactured.

A word to the wise: replacing your transmission with a used one may not be your best option. Used transmissions often have questionable histories that could create a whole new set of challenges. New transmissions, meanwhile, are mostly aftermarket transmissions billed as new but are in fact rebuilt transmissions with new parts.

The cost of the repair is always top-of-mind and understandably so. Transmission repairs are usually unexpected (and unwelcome). The cost varies depending on the outcome of our diagnostic testing, and we will help you to understand the various factors that come into play. We also offer our customers flexible payment options.

Whichever route you choose, you can trust our transmission experts to get you and your car back on the road.

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The evolution of transmissions has made these machines and systems increasingly complex. When transmission repairs are required, determining the cause and cure for what ails can be tricky.

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Customer Reviews
Frank is a gentleman who...
Alireza Ostaditorghabeh
Frank is a gentleman who gave me piece of knowledge on the phone
Date: October 11, 2021
Website: Google
Just had them do a...
Peter C
Just had them do a transmission fluid service. They have competitive pricing and great service. Will definitely return and recommend.
Date: September 15, 2021
Website: Google
I took my 2008 Chevy...
Michael Griffioen
I took my 2008 Chevy Equinox to several different places to get a free estimate on the cost involved to fix my leaking transmission fluid. Frank and his team of mechanics were very friendly, informative and honest with their assessment of my vehicle’s problem and $$$ it would take to repair my situation. Frank’s estimate for the repair costs were accurate and more importantly…the least expensive of all the places I visited. I recommend Mr.Transmission in Coquitlam on Barnet Hwy. if you have any mechanical issues. Thanks again Frank for your expertise and friendly service.
Date: August 29, 2021
Website: Google
Never a good thing when...
Attila Szamoskozi
Never a good thing when you find out that your automatic transmission needs to get rebuilt and it's always an expensive proposition. However, after doing some price comparisons and reading Google reviews I ended up choosing this location to do the work on my 2005 Honda Accord V6. Really glad I did. The work was actually completed early and was the final price that I was quoted once they actually had a look at the car. A fair price and a bit lower than the other quotes that I got by some other automotive shops.Frank was a pleasure to deal with and I really appreciate that he took the time to explain the work that was being done in detail when I asked him to give me the full explanation. The 3 year warranty was also a big plus as every other place I spoke to was only offering a 1 year warranty on the work performed.The car now shifts like it was new and to be honest I had forgotten over the years how smoothly it shifted when it was brand new. I have now been reminded what that was like. :) I would definitely not hesitate to recommend this location for transmission work but as I understand it, they do all other repairs on cars as well. I guess I'll be seeing more of you Frank!
Date: August 25, 2021
Website: Google
I came here needing to...
Jaeden W
I came here needing to get my clutch replaced and the service was great from start to finish! I’m extremely happy with the service and how fast they got it done! I’m hoping to not have another transmission issue lol but if I do I’ll without a doubt be going back!
Date: August 11, 2021
Website: Google
We've been to Frank's shop...
Dean F.
We've been to Frank's shop a few time with different vehicles and he has consistently provided great service no matter how big or small the job. Highly recommend.
Date: August 6, 2021
Website: Yelp
My car recently started making...
Lucy Tran
My car recently started making a new noise and I could smell burning from the engine. I brought it in to Mr transmission the next day and had to rush to work. Within a short period of time the manager Frank called me to let me know that my alternator had failed. He was able to order me the new part and installed. The pricing was fair and my car was done before I finished work. Great service and communication.
Date: August 5, 2021
Website: Google
Great service. I'm happy with...
Great service. I'm happy with the turnaround time for the transmission replacement in my 80's BMW. Would definitely use their expertise again.
Date: August 2, 2021
Website: Google
I had a rear differential...
Graeme Clinton
I had a rear differential installed at the Mister Transmission in Coquitlam (Barnet Hwy). The service was excellent. Frank provided a thorough inspection of the vehicle. He offered an honest assessment, explained our options plainly, and provided daily updates during the repair process. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone. Thanks, Frank!
Date: July 10, 2021
Website: Google
I was very happy with...
Leila Wallace
I was very happy with the service and the repair of my Subaru Forester
Date: July 4, 2021
Website: Google
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