Written Reviews

Reviewed by David P

Excellent service, thank you!

4 Days Ago

Reviewed by Eman C

Excellent Service...Frank is very nice guy. Fair Price....

5 Days Ago

Reviewed by Rick H

Gave Frank a call and let him know that I might be coming to the shop, I had a few errands to run and when I didn’t show up at his shop in a timely fashion he gave me a call to see if I was alright or if I needed a tow, that showed me he cared and pretty sealed the deal right there. They took my truck right away had a very nice loaner car. Drop off my truck Friday picked it up Tuesday. Very professional , 5star

6 Days Ago

Reviewed by Neil W

The owner of the shop offered a fair price and when he found additional problem offered the additional labor time at discounted charge .. Honest service provided

1 Week Ago

Reviewed by Amalie L

Good communication, responsive, attentive and reliable service.

2 Weeks Ago

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