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Having Transmission Problems? Jerking? Not Shifting? Slipping? Leaking fluid?

At Mister Transmission, our state of the art Multi-Check Procedure will pinpoint the cause of whatever transmission problem you're experiencing. We will check your transmission to see if your problem can be solved with an external repair or adjustment. The problem may be a bad sensor or shift solenoid.

Over half the vehicles we check do not need a major repair. The most important step you can take is to get your vehicle looked at as soon as possible. Identifying problems early is the easiest way to save yourself money, time, and aggravation.

Transmission Repairs and Rebuilds For All Makes and Models

Experience, combined with ongoing training and skill development means our technical department is always up to date on all the modern and sophisticated automobiles on the road today.

Regardless if your vehicle is a Chrysler, Honda, Ford, Mercedes, GM, BMW, Mazda, Nissan or any other manufacturer, we have the technical expertise and experience to provide our customers with top notch service and repairs. We are specialists in all transmissions. Import or domestic, automatic or standard, CVT, allison, 4x4 systems and transfer cases as well as differentials.

Toronto's Most Trusted Transmission Shop

We have been repairing transmissions in the Toronto area for over 50 years, opening our facility in 1967. Our skilled technicians have over 80 years of combined transmission diagnosis, repair and rebuilding experience. Our licensed automotive repair technicians are transmission experts with the latest state of the art diagnostic and repair equipment.

By providing quality service and repairs while saving our customers time and money, Mister Transmission has grown to become a Canadian icon in the automotive industry.

Customer Reviews North York

  • As we embark on our...

    Reviewed by Mister Transmission

    As we embark on our first year anniversary at this location; please be advised that we will be performing a complimentary semi-synthetic engine oil change with every full transmission rebuilding from May 25 to June 25 2020. Thank you!

    Date: 2020-05-22


  • Mr. Transmission has fixed the...

    Reviewed by Mikhail Gurvits

    Mr. Transmission has fixed the clutch and also rebuilt the transmission on my manual Subaru Forester and did a great job on both. Car drives great. Highly recommended.

    Date: 2020-02-08


  • Jason & his team are...

    Reviewed by Ishraqur Racine

    Jason & his team are knowledgeable people with awesome customer service! An honest and dependable repair shop! Thanks for looking after the needs of my beloved 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car! I'm very happy with the experience and glad to be back on the road with my daily driver of the last ten years and counting!

    Date: 2020-01-15


  • We were concerned about a...

    Reviewed by Shirley Broeks

    We were concerned about a mechanical problem with the transmission of our car before taking a long trip. Jason, the Manager, was able to book us in quickly on the same day. He gave us reassurance about the mechanical expertise of Tom (with 35 years experience), who took the car for a test drive. As it turned out, just a glitch not connected to the transmission. The time and personal care gave us peace of mind. All done in half an hour and no charge, we were impressed. We will certainly recommend this Mister Transmission 1656 O'Conner Dr. East York.

    Date: 2019-12-10


  • Excellent customer service and knowledgeable...

    Reviewed by Kevin Dwyer

    Excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff. I was given very detailed and accurate information up front with no surprises. Very dependable and pleasant to deal with.

    Date: 2019-11-27


  • I was in last week...

    Reviewed by Jeff Turcotte

    I was in last week regarding transmission on my company's truck and service and timing of repair was the best I've ever experienced the last five years. Just wanted to say thank you to the team and owner Jason Orton for making my experience easy and enjoyable! Doesnt happen as much anymore.

    Date: 2019-11-18


  • Definitely gets my recommendation for...

    Reviewed by S Dunslow

    Definitely gets my recommendation for honest and transparent services! Very friendly and trustworthy location:)

    Date: 2019-11-17


  • Excellent service, the staff are...

    Reviewed by Corvin Marley

    Excellent service, the staff are personable and will try to help in any way possible. I had vehicle issues and had some finacial issues and they gave me a quote at far less then other businesses and the work was better quality. I would recommend to anyone.

    Date: 2019-11-17


  • Excellent customer service! Under new...

    Reviewed by B Villay

    Excellent customer service! Under new ownership and very trustworthy and reliable management. And yes, ENGLISH is the first language!

    Date: 2019-11-17


  • They did a great major...

    Reviewed by Robert Galati

    They did a great major job on my Lexus Transmission. Thank you Jason and your team.

    Date: 2019-11-14


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