Bienvenue à Mister Transmission de Mississauga, Ontario - Dixie Road

Mister Transmission Dixie Road has been operating for over 25 years.

Owner/Operator Gurmeet Singh and his experienced team are qualified with over 25 years of transmission experience; including repairs for all import and domestic vehicles, equipped with advanced technology for repairing or rebuilding your transmission.

Visit their location conveniently located on the west side on Dixie, north of the 401.

Fluent in both English and Punjabi.

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Avis des clients Mississauga

  • خدمه رائعه وأسعارهم معقوله ويحكون...

    Revu par Mazin Araf

    خدمه رائعه وأسعارهم معقوله ويحكون عربي !! اتصلت و حصلت موعد بسرعه

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-11-19

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  • Great customer service and staff...

    Revu par Trans 7

    Great customer service and staff I called to ask about an estimate for my car the lady was very nice and helpful Will recommend to friends

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-11-08

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  • I called and was quoted...

    Revu par Jonathan Olenroot

    I called and was quoted a really great rate. They are super fast and reliable. I was treated extremely well. And after several weeks of my car running smoothly I noticed a small liquid leak coming from the same area that my coolant lines were fixed. Naturally I called them back to make sure it wasnt a leak caused by the work and luckily it wasnt. The professionalism received was what made them unique as they handled me with grace and politeness. Gave me a suggested fix planning as the leak was oil and not coolant. Then I was on my way. The staff is super friendly and makes it a joy to bring my business there. Two months later and my car is running awesome. Thanks to everyone at Mr Transmission. A special shout out to the exceptional service from their extremely competent operations manager Noora. She's pretty dope and really the main contact person you speak with when asking about prices and service. Respectfully honest and looking out for your best interests. Thank you!

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-10-31

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  • My friend sheerly suggested to...

    Revu par Nancy Trevor

    My friend sheerly suggested to take my car to get it checked, called them and lora was super nice , the mechanic took me for a road test to see what was my issue He was super helpful and there was nothing wrong with the car and it was completely FREE Honest company !!

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-08-08

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  • Three months ago, I had...

    Revu par D I

    Three months ago, I had a solenoid issue and took my car to the dealer I got it from and they said they would replace the solenoid. When I returned for the car, they said they now were going to replace my transmission with a used one. When I tried asking why they suddenly were going to do something other than what was agreed on, the service manager was rude and condescending. It didn't feel right, so I left with my car still having its driving issue and won't be returning. I did some research on my issue and was pretty sure it was just my TCM. When I came to Mister Transmission, John (if I remember his name correctly) was very kind and came back to me after diagnosis saying it was the TCM.. exactly as I was thinking. I had it changed and the car ran great again. No need to replace the transmission for a solenoid with a used one with who knows what issues just because it's easier to do! I hope I don't have another transmission issue, but if I do, I will be coming back here to this professional and welcoming shop!

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-07-28

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  • My experience at Mister Transmission...

    Revu par Antoine Grant

    My experience at Mister Transmission was sensational,I was greeted with a positive atmosphere ,mangers and staff was very friendly and always walk with a proud smile.The mechanics are the best on the planet they explain everything with my vehicle not only transmission problems ,if they see something they say something and I believe that is great quality service and that is priceless.I would recommend anyone and everyone to stop by and get a quote.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-06-12

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  • I just wanted to thank...

    Revu par Billy Parr

    I just wanted to thank Johnny and the boys at the Dixie 401 location. Dropped my sons car off overnight, by 9:30am I had a diagnosis that my son needed a new transmission. He also explained that the were some parts that should be replaced for general maintenance while the transmission was out to prevent future potential problems. By the end of day they had the parts and had them installed and ready by 3pm the following day. Showed us the problem and explained why it would be better to replace than repair. Fast, friendly, trust worthy and professional. What more could a dad ask for. My only wish is that they did more mechanical so that we could use him on a regular basis. You took a potentially stressful situation and turned it into a pleasant experience. More importantly, it didn't cost an arm ...and a leg. Thank you Johnny, you have made a customer for life.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-06-07

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  • John and his team are...

    Revu par Karim Nensi

    John and his team are amazing and provide excellent customer service! They take the time to explain in detail the issues and only recommend doing the work that is required. If you want an honest and trustworthy group of mechanics, these are the people I would highly recommend. You will not find a better place to take your car.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-05-15

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  • Great service, knowledgeable and friendly...

    Revu par Laith A.

    Great service, knowledgeable and friendly staff.. Thanks John!

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-04-26

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  • So I noticed that after...

    Revu par Otis Smart

    So I noticed that after one bad shift (cause I'm so amazing at paying attention. And no, its not street) my transmisson, which just so happens to be everyones favorite the CVT, wasn't driving like it use to. I got scared because I know I was out of warranty at the Nissan Dealership down the street. Being a student and broke all the time doesnt help me much but getting a free diagnostic done sounds fantastic. Luckly enough the car was still drivable and they gave me the run down of it. Codes that I've never seen before and didn't expect so many. I mean I was just at my mechanics a few days ago. WTH?! They recommended a solution and was very honest dealing with me. I'm going back to resolve this issue as soon as I have some dollar bills. I think I'm even lucky enough to find a CVT expert at this location that can fix my poor car. I look forward to dealing with them and finishing what was started in the near future. Thank you everyone at that location.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-04-25

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