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Guelph's Top Transmission Shop

Owner and operators Ken and Cory Catteau have owned Mister Transmission Guelph for 20 years. Their dedicated staff can diagnose any transmission problem and produces only quality transmission repairs and provide an outstanding warranty protection for all makes and models. The 6 Bay shop is located on Woodlawn Road and Elmira.

We are transmission repair specialists serving Guelph and the surrounding areas, including Hespeler, Arkell, Conestogo, Preston, Rockwood, Morriston, Elora, Saint Jacobs, and Fergus.

Mister Transmission Guelph is heavily involved in community sponsoring by supporting the Guelph Thunder Hockey team, the Special Olympics. Ken Catteau is a member of Kiwanis which takes pride in supporting and sponsoring local events and raising money for sending children to camp.

Mister Transmission is a member of the Automotive Transmission Service Group (ATSG).

We hope to see you soon and don't forget that afterward you can enter your invoice number for a chance to Win Your Repair!

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Avis des clients Guelph

  • When my car was at...

    Revu par Russell Spencer

    When my car was at its worst, they were at their best. Too cheesy? Whatever. They repaired my vehicle in exchange for currency. The exchange was pleasant.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-12-05

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  • Friendly and helpful service.

    Revu par Cook Bus

    Friendly and helpful service.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-09-11

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  • The people at this Mr....

    Revu par Chris Bisson

    The people at this Mr. Transmission garage are top notch. They've always treated us fairly, always taken great care of our trucks and cars for us, and always give us a heads-up when things aren't what they appeared on the surface. Sometimes that means it costs less, and sometimes more than originally expected - but that's rare. They're typically right on with their originally assessments. The company is also a big supporter of the community. They aren't part of the faceless corporate donations - they're involved in local charities that help people right here, in Wellington County and Guelph. Lastly, I like the fact that their mechanics know many of their customers by first name. It gives a personal touch that you don't see everywhere. Highly recommended.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-08-27

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  • Really friendly people and fair...

    Revu par Martin Featherston

    Really friendly people and fair prices. Fast too.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-06-07

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  • My 2013 Hyundai Veloster had...

    Revu par CHRISTOPHER Green

    My 2013 Hyundai Veloster had transmission problems. So I made a emergency stop into Mister Transmission Guelph. Cory immediately went for a test ride, then he ran some other test at the shop and found the problem being with the Dual Clutch slipping. He would need to remove the Dual Clutch assembly to determine the extent of the repair. He jumped on it ASAP and unfortunately discovered that other major parts were damaged. He sourced all of his suppliers to get me the best price, but all had told him that he would have to order them from Hyundai, being no aftermarket parts available. Cory was surprised how expensive the parts were from Hyundai. He was able to locate a Hyundai Veloster slightly used complete transmission with a warranty coverage and at a substantial cost savings in comparison to the Hyundai purchased parts. He got the transmission, installed and tested it...all done in a couple of days at a significant cost savings and back on the road for the weekend. Thanks Again! Cory and the Guys. I would "STRONGLY RECOMMEND - 5 PLUS STARS" Mister Transmission GUELPH (CORY and The Team) Chris Green

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-06-01

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  • Great service and very knowledgeable

    Revu par Ross Candlish

    Great service and very knowledgeable

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-03-21

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  • My hanger bearing went in...

    Revu par Russel Turcotte

    My hanger bearing went in my 2010 ford f150 which is the first year where hanger bearings are not sold sepereate from the drive shaft that you need to replace the entire driveshaft so having to pay $1300 for the driveshaft at ford just to replace a $70 part was pretty upsetting let alone breaking down just a matter of days before christmas and needed the vehicle to travel for the holidays. I explained everything to Cory at mister transmission and he was on the ball i brought it in wednesday night and had it back thursday. They serviced my transmission and fixed an issue with sweating spots from my transmission. They went above and beyond and with remarkable timing. I highly recommend Mister Transmission to everyone. They have also overhauled my bosses transmission in his truck in a matter of 2 days and had it back on the road. They dont waste time. You wont find anyone as trustworthy and honest as these people. Id give them 6 stars if i could. Excellent job to the Mister Transmission team here in Guelph.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2018-12-21

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  • Mad maxx has a new...

    Revu par Kara Beitz

    Mad maxx has a new transmission. Experienced leak nxt day they tore off grill and replaced rest of lines

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2018-09-05

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  • Corey and the boys rock...

    Revu par Rob Mocuik

    Corey and the boys rock fair pricing and Great service

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2018-08-10

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  • My car was struggling to...

    Revu par Robert Bickerstaff

    My car was struggling to change gears, I booked a transmission flush thinking my transmission was the problem, within 45 minutes they had diagnosed the problem as a simple malfunctioning air flow sensor due to a loose fuse, and charged me half what the flush would have been. Overall, high quality, honest service for a fair price. Would definitely recommend, I know I’ll be back in the future.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2018-04-18

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