Bienvenue à Mister Transmission de Burlington, Ontario

We are transmission repair specialists serving Burlington and the surrounding areas, including Port Nelson, Bronte, Palermo, Hamilton Beach, Waterdown, Oakville and Kilbride.

Richard Ennest has been a valued member of the Mister Transmission family for over 30 years. Richard and his team of professionally trained transmission repair specialists are located on Fairview Street in Burlington. Prior to the Fairview location he successfully ran the Plains Road Mister Transmission for over 20 years.

Mister Transmission Fairview Street is equipped with the latest in training and technology, the team on Fairview specializes in complete transmission and driveline diagnostics and repair to all makes and models including foreign and domestics. Here they also specialize in full size trucks and SUV's with all-wheel and 4-wheel drive systems. Backed by the industry's best reputation and warranty it's nice to know that you have a friend in Richard. So remember, when it's gotta be right, it's gotta be Mister!

Don’t forget each Mister Transmission customer is eligible for our Win Your Repair promotion on now!

In October 2011 another Mister Transmission customer won his repair!

James McCulloch from Hamilton, Ontario brought his vehicle into the Mister Transmission on Fairview Street for a transmission repair. Mr. McCulloch submitted his ballot online and his name was pulled for the October's winner. He was presented a cheque from the franchise owner of Burlington's Mister Transmission, Richard Ennest. James was reimbursed up to $2000 of his transmission repair (including taxes).


Avis des clients Burlington

  • Jeff and Richard are the...

    Revu par Carman Guerrieri

    Jeff and Richard are the real deal. They never dropped the ball and made sure that I was 100 percent satisfied. Very personable . Thanks Guys Carman

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-09-16

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  • Something was wrong with my...

    Revu par Sam D

    Something was wrong with my transmission and we couldn’t figure out the problem. Spoke to a couple transmission places and got quotes for about $2500. Took it to Rich at Mr. Transmission and he came out right away and spent time diagnosing the problem. Turns out it was an easy fix and it is running great now. Would definitely recommend this place!

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-07-18

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  • Great honest helpful staff

    Revu par Jack Meoff

    Great honest helpful staff

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-06-21

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  • We are very pleased with...

    Revu par S Medic

    We are very pleased with the service Jeff and Richrd have been providing. Unbelievable honesty, accuracy and reliability you wont find anywhere else now days. We have been served more than one time and both experiences were awesome 👏 Always acurate( they do what they say) , very helpful and all off that for a very resonable price. We would highly recommend mr transmission . Thank you guys so much.👏👍

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-05-25

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  • I thought my Audi was...

    Revu par Geoff Kereluik

    I thought my Audi was experiencing transmission issues based on how it was behaving. Jeff quickly assessed my vehicle and determined it wasn't the transmission but was actually engine related. He connected me with a very good company who specializes in higher end car engine repairs and didn't even charge me for the evaluation. Incredible integrity and outstanding service. It just doesn't get any better than this. Outstanding!!!!

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-05-07

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  • Fabulous, honest, straightforward service. Original...

    Revu par Bill Longley

    Fabulous, honest, straightforward service. Original OEM transmission replaced at 160K by Richard, the Mr. Transmission transmission lasted 230K, longer than the original. When 2nd transmission finally went at 390K, Jeff Ross had the vehicle carefully examined and recommended not to replace it given the car's age, mileage and other repairs needed. That is pretty spectacular service. They turned down $4,000 worth of business to give me fair, honest advice. FIVE STARS guys, thanks so much.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-04-06

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  • Transmission died on my 2014...

    Revu par Alex Smith

    Transmission died on my 2014 Corolla, brought it to the dealer and was getting a quote for $7800+ on it after only having the car for 3 months with Platinum ECP on it. Gave these guys a call and they looked at it for no extra charge and got it done for half the cost. The customer service was extremely great and helpful, the work done professional and efficient and now my car drives even more smooth than when I first bought it. Overall, they made the best out of a terrible situation and extremely happy with the level of care and service provided. Will definitely recommend this place to anyone with transmission issues as I don't think I could've gotten better service anywhere else

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-03-15

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  • Ritchie really impressed me with...

    Revu par Carman Guerrieri

    Ritchie really impressed me with his hands on service and made sure I was satisfied . Never dropped the ball till the job was done. Great work . Thank you Carman

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-03-12

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  • They fixed my Honda's transmission,...

    Revu par Vicente Martinez

    They fixed my Honda's transmission, very professionals, great service.

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2019-01-12

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  • I've been dealing with transmission...

    Revu par Brian Stewart

    I've been dealing with transmission problems for over a year, and the fools at Leggat Caddilac weren't interested in fixing the problem (even though the car was under warranty!). I was ready to sell the vehicle, but took a shot with Mr. Transmission in Burlington. Right away I could this place was different, they actually cared about helping me, and not just making money. The owner Rich took me out for a ride, reprogrammed my car, and adjusted the fluid levels. The car is finally fixed! After over a year of losing sleep, making dealer appointments, arranging rentals, Mr. Transmission figured it out in 15 minutes. Did I mention they did everything FOR FREE? I'm a customer for life. Thank you !

    Rendez-vous amoureux: 2018-11-29

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