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Reviewed by Lakshan P

Swapped for a used transmission. Runs better for now, but the O2 sensor under the readiness monitor wasn't detected by at least three OBD II tools after the repair. Was told there shouldn't be any issues as long as there's no lights on the dash or any codes on the scanner. Transmission mount wasn't removed when the transmission was replaced, but looked a lot more rusty than when I dropped it off two days before and bushings were cracked. O2 sensor was working 20 minutes before I first dropped it off. Hopefully this isn't going to cost me more. As long as the car runs without issues I'm ok.

10 Months Ago

Reviewed by Darryl W

Thunder Bay store is great.

3 Years Ago

Reviewed by Brenda K


3 Years Ago

Reviewed by Lori E

Great service. Staff are very friendly and informative. Kept us updated on what needed to be done and the cost involved.

3 Years Ago

Reviewed by Jennifer T


3 Years Ago

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