Mister Transmission

13704 - 104th Avenue Surrey, BC V3T 1W4

Address: : 13704 - 104th Avenue
Surrey, BC V3T 1W4

Call: : (604) 588-7484


Email: mrt108@mistertransmission.com

13704 - 104th Avenue Surrey, BC V3T 1W4

What Customers Say About Mister Transmission

  • Fantastic service start to finish

    3 months Ago
  • Had dealt with North Vancouver location before, very professional

    4 months Ago
  • Great quality work as usual.

    5 months Ago
  • Awesome team of guys that get the job done right and quick! Nav is excellent at accommodating each customer to meet their specific vehicle needs. Amazing work, definitely returning for other transmission work on my other vehicle.

    5 months Ago
  • Service good. Took a week before vehicle was ready then i paid the big bill drove off and noticed there were still problems with transmission. Returned next day so they could solve the technicalities but now its good. Took over a week total before the van is runnning smooth again.

    10 months Ago
  • Excellent service, always kept me in the loop with what was going on with the repair

    10 months Ago
  • This company is the top of the line. The owner went out of his way to make sure I would get the best value for the necessary repairs. He checked out several options for me to make a choice on what repairs were urgent and what could wait. He made sure everything was within warranty and on budget.

    11 months Ago
  • great service and they were willingly helpful

    1 year Ago
  • Mr. Transmission was a saviour that day. My transmission went as I was returning from Richmond to Surrey. I was literally coasting over the Patullo hope to not be THAT person stalled on the bridge. Fortunately we made it over and safety into a gas station parking lot. BCAA wasn't able to come until 2:30. I called my Kal Tire, regular mechanics, who informed me that they would be sending up the road to the Mr. Transmission and why not call directly. They gave me the number, I called and spoke with Nav. Generally they close at 1 on a Saturday. When I told him BCAA couldn't come until 2:30 he offered to come back from home to meet me. It all worked perfectly for the meet. My car was repaired and returned to me. It was still running a bit roughly so I drove it to give the computer more information. Took it back to Nav and his techs to review. Nav dropped me back home. He then came back with car, after review, so that I could attend to a family emergency. When I was able to return the car for the followup to the adjustment they once again gave me a ride home, thoroughly reviewed the transmission and delivered it back to me. I can't say enough about the service I have received at this Mr. T. I support local business and mutual respectful relationships between them.

    2 years Ago
  • They know me by name and are very good at making sure my cars are safe to drive

    2 years Ago

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