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Reviewed by Wendy M

Brian was very professional and prompt in responding to any questions or concerns. The estimates for the repairs were very detailed and easy to understand.

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Margaret J

I am a happy customer

3 Years Ago

Reviewed by Kathryn M

I was satisfied with your service before you even touched the transmission, because Brian Reid actually listened to my concerns and had me explain them in detail. Then he took the car for a drive so that he could hear it for himself. Neither of these were experiences I had at the dealership, who wanted me to replace an entire system that I didn't think was actually causing the noise I was hearing. The problem turned out to be complicated and require an expensive repair, but at least it was consistent with what I thought was going on. If I had listened to the dealership it would have cost me $2000 for the system they wanted to replace, and the transmission would still have been a problem. Or, worse, the transmission might have blown on a highway somewhere causing an accident. I got a good price on a rental car based on the referral from Mister Transmission. Brian was in regular contact with me about what he was finding, explained it well (to someone with NO knowledge of cars), laid the parts of my transmission out on the bench and explained the problem to me (and showed me the evidence that that there was a problem), and then fixed it so that it purrs like a new car. I cannot say enough about this team, their professionalism and my satisfaction with the service. Congratulations for having them associated with your company. They do you proud.

3 Years Ago

Reviewed by William H

good courteous and prompt service

3 Years Ago

Reviewed by Greg V

The stoney creek location did a great job.eith my transmission repair. Brian was very knowledgeable on the phone and in person. He filled me in with what was happening and now my truck runs smoother than it has in a long time.

3 Years Ago

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