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I was told a total price of $1500 when first discussed possible work needed on transmission of my vehicle, get a used low kms transmission, unistall old one, install used one, replace seals, gaskets, fluid, etc.., taxes. ( to any reasonable person, ‘total price’ means just that. However, when invoice was presented to me I was charged HST of 13% on top of the $1500 total price originally verbally quoted. Unfortunately, i went on trust and did not get a written quotation. I complained to no avail. Further, I needed a slow brake fluid leak on front left brake line due to stripped threaded nipple, which should have been a small repair by reaplacing threaded nipple nut, I was charged 2 hrs labour at $240 plus 13% hst showing it on invoice as ‘replaced left front brake line’. Again, when I pointed out to Ken, the owner and principal of the franchise that the brake line had not been replaced but rather, a new flange threaded nut had bee installed, and that the charges were excessive, I was meat with “ I have to charge this much, can’t change it”. The brake line repair should not have been more than $70-80. I strongly feel that I was overcharged on this invoice by $ $195 taxes on $1500, which was inclusive of taxes already, and $160 on the brake line repair plus the hst on the $160 of $20.80., for a grand total of $375.80. I trust that Mister Transmission will rectify this overcharge by issuing me a refund for said amount. Regards,

3 months Ago

A Job Well Done

4 months Ago

Chris and Ken were fantastic to deal with. Great customer service

6 months Ago

Very good service

7 months Ago

Ken Lavender was very helpful and seemed to know what the problem was. On the day it was repaired he was very helpful and had it done on time.

10 months Ago

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