Written Reviews

Reviewed by Tyler M

They rebuilt my transmission in 3 days and covered my towing bill! Great service and communication. It was a very expensive job and they seemed competitive on price.

4 Days Ago

Reviewed by Kelly B

The only thing is there is not really a office. I have double hip replacements and i could of waited for my van, instead of travelling in the snow on foot. I am always fearful of falling and breaking my hip replacement.

2 Weeks Ago

Reviewed by Sierra A

I had a good experience with Bob and Ken, they were timely, communicative and willing to take extra time to explain the details of the repair. Excellent and professional service. Thank you.

2 Weeks Ago

Reviewed by Joseph H

Thanks for the excellent service. What I liked most about Bob and Ken (the owner and the front desk person; respectively) is their down-to-earthness and responding to my questions. I've been doubting the health of my transmission for a while. Two months ago, while driving along the highway, the car felt like accelerating by itself following a minute touch on the gas pedal. I was alarmed and stopped to make sure that there's nothing wrong. Along came a recall from VolksWagen (my car is Jetta) about a probable problem with gear lever. That I've never experienced. Thank God! Another issue is that transmission seems to deserve more attention. Yes, as is my case, the regular maintenance can assure you that there is nothing wrong with your transmission. However, - as Bob and Ken emphasized -, transmission needs a specialist, then a generalist. Now I'm a guy who still values seeing the business owner - any business owner - working hard to please customers in a reasonable fashion. Life taught me that no one is immune from incidental catastrophes. And having the right people to consult is what one needs most when these incidental catastrophes strikes!

2 Weeks Ago

Reviewed by Rebecca D

My transmission was taken care of and the customer care was fantastic

3 Weeks Ago

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