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Did you realize that almost half of the vehicles we inspect don't need a major repair? Let us check yours today.

We are transmission repair specialists serving Moncton and the surrounding areas, including Riverview, Dieppe, Lakeburn, Berry Mills, Turtle Creek, Weldon, Salisbury, Hillsborough and Scoudouc.

We are Moncton's specialists in transmission & driveline repair. We offer up to a 5 year 100,000 kilometer nation wide warranty with our rebuilt transmissions ask for the details. We repair vehicles up to and including Class A motorhomes which also include all imports as well as Mercedes Bmw Vw Land Rover etc. We service such fleets as Armour Transport, Ryder Truck & Service New Brunswick.

We also handle all after Market Warranty companies such as Lubrico, Nationwide and we accept all fleet cards such as PHH & GE capitol. We also have Rebuilt units available for shipment to all of the Atlantic provinces which include GM, Cadillac, Ford, Chrysler & Honda as well as heavy duty Allison units call today for a quote.

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"I didn’t budget for a transmission repair. When my car broke down, Mister Transmission took care of it!"

Mister Transmission understands your concerns. That’s why we’ve created a Flexible Payment Plan for transmission repairs. We take care of it!

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Customer Reviews Moncton

  • Chris and his staff were...

    Reviewed by Alexandre Marissal

    Chris and his staff were just awesome. So accommodating and just genuinely nice and knowledgeable. If you need any transmission work done, even just a fluid change, Chris is your guy!

    Date: 2019-12-06


  • (Translated by Google) Very professional...

    Reviewed by Nadine Roy

    (Translated by Google) Very professional (Original) Very professionel

    Date: 2019-11-13


  • The review rating is legit...

    Reviewed by Ron Fillmore

    The review rating is legit for Moncton's repair shop!! My mother's vehicle was having transmission problems. Chris and the guys their are 2nd to NONE!! They showed me the problem and were very clear and precise of what needed to be done! They're so professional and no BS tricks or lying and trying to take you for every penny you have. These guys are the only place to take your vehicles to when you are experiencing transmission problems. Chris I can't express how much you've helped my mother who is on a senior's income to be able to repair her vehicle and not get taken advantage of like a lot of garages!! It's so awesome to see there are great honest people out there, that have an honest repair shop that not only take pride in what they DO and have up to date TECHNICIANS with the knowledge of the newer vehicles out there that once your warranty is gone you do have to bring your vehicles to the STEALERSHIPS and get ripped off!!👍

    Date: 2019-09-26


  • Quick and great customer service

    Reviewed by Micheal Austin

    Quick and great customer service

    Date: 2019-08-29


  • Chris should be the "Poster...

    Reviewed by Eleni TheMidLifestyleGoddess

    Chris should be the "Poster Boy" for Mr. Transmission. What I witnessed today at his location inspired me to write a review. He is the epitome of excellence in customer service. His sincerity , honesty and incredible dedication to not only helping his customers and also his staff puts him in a league of his own. Congratulations Chris and may your success soar to new heights!!!!

    Date: 2019-08-22


  • je suis un voyageur je...

    Reviewed by Louis Roy

    je suis un voyageur je possède un motor home Dodge Ram 2003 j'avais un inquiétude pour ma transmission j'ai appelé un jour férié le 5 août 2019 j'ai laissé un message de me rappeler en espérant comme un rappel le lendemain mais à ma surprise le propriétaire me rappeler environ 35 minutes après mon appel j'ai été très surpris de constater à quel point messieurs GENE LEWIS propriétaire de Mister transmission Moncton avait pris au sérieux ma demande il m'a fixé un rendez-vous pour le lendemain matin à 8 h il m'a même offert d'aller coucher dans la cour de son établissement pour m'assurer d'avoir une 1re place ce que nous avons fait d'ailleurs. à 8 h du matin exactement les portes de garages sont ouverts en m'invitant à l'intérieur pour remplir les papiers d'usage on a assigné un mécanicien pour travailler sur mon camion on a fait les analyses d'huile et tous les vérifications d'usage ce qui a pris environ 1 h pour me confirmer que je n'avais aucune inquiétude à me faire quel est transmission était en bon état la qualité d'huile était très bonne aucune contamination et que le niveau d'huile était normal j'ai été énormément surpris de voir avec quel niveau de professionnalisme qu'on s'était occupé de moi . je demande combien je dois la réponse fut zéro .oo$ croyant avoir mal compris je redemande la question et la réponse fut la même c'est alors que MR. LEWIS. me confirme à quel point un client est important pour eux et qu'il offre un inspection gratuite à tout les clients se présente. . don't je n'ai aucune hésitation à recommander Monsieur GENE LEWIS DE Mister .TRANSMISSION Moncton comme étant très professionnel consciencieux Les Respectables comme l'établissement c'est pourquoi j'ai accordé 5* à cet établissement .I am a traveler I own a motor home Dodge Ram 2003 I had a concern for my transmission I called a holiday on August 5, 2019 I left a message to remind me hoping as a reminder the next day but to my surprise the owner call me back about 35 minutes after my call I was very surprised how gentlemen GENE LEWIS owner of Mister Moncton transmission had taken seriously my request he set me an appointment for the next morning at 8:00 he even offered to go to sleep in the yard of his establishment to make sure I have a 1st place what we have done elsewhere. at exactly 8 o'clock in the morning the garage doors are opened by inviting me inside to fill the papers of use one assigned a mechanic to work on my truck one did the analyzes of oil and all the checks of use which took about 1 hour to confirm that I had no worries about what was good transmission the oil quality was very good no contamination and that the oil level was normal I I was extremely surprised to see how much professionalism I had taken care of myself. I ask how much I owe the answer was zero. $ $ believing I misunderstood I ask again the question and the answer was the same it is then that MR. LEWIS. confirms how important a customer is to them and offers a free inspection to all customers. . I have no hesitation in recommending Mr GENE LEWIS DE Mister. TRANSMISSION Moncton as being very professional conscientious Respectables as the establishment that's why I gave 5 * to this establishment.

    Date: 2019-08-06


  • Mister Transmission Moncton is a...

    Reviewed by Mathieu Vachon

    Mister Transmission Moncton is a great place if you ever have a transmission problem. We were in a roadtrip across the Maritimes and we had a major transmission problem. Chris, the manager and owner, was very understanding and quick to repair the problem. Thanks to Kirk, the super mechanic that made the repair. So if you live in Moncton or you happen to be there and have a transmission problem, that is THE place to be! Thanks guys!!

    Date: 2019-07-24


  • Never much fun having a...

    Reviewed by Steven Brown

    Never much fun having a transmission issue, but these guys are good. Everything is well explained. I never felt like I was being mislead.

    Date: 2019-07-12


  • My first visit to Mister...

    Reviewed by John Cserkuti

    My first visit to Mister Transmission was due to a transmission failure. Although I decided to scrap the vehicle I did get a chance to interact with the staff and I have nothing but positive things to say about them. They treated me with respect and professionalism. I highly recommend their service.

    Date: 2019-06-05


  • Special thanks to Gene Lewis...

    Reviewed by K W

    Special thanks to Gene Lewis and the staff at Mister Transmission, who went above and beyond in helping us when we experienced car trouble while visiting the Moncton area.

    Date: 2019-05-25


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