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Did you realize that almost half of the vehicles we inspect don't need a major repair? Let us check yours today.

We are transmission repair specialists serving Moncton and the surrounding areas, including Riverview, Dieppe, Lakeburn, Berry Mills, Turtle Creek, Weldon, Salisbury, Hillsborough and Scoudouc.

We are Moncton's specialists in transmission & driveline repair. We offer up to a 5 year 100,000 kilometer nation wide warranty with our rebuilt transmissions ask for the details. We repair vehicles up to and including Class A motorhomes which also include all imports as well as Mercedes Bmw Vw Land Rover etc. We service such fleets as Armour Transport, Ryder Truck & Service New Brunswick.

We also handle all after Market Warranty companies such as Lubrico, Nationwide and we accept all fleet cards such as PHH & GE capitol. We also have Rebuilt units available for shipment to all of the Atlantic provinces which include GM, Cadillac, Ford, Chrysler & Honda as well as heavy duty Allison units call today for a quote.

Call today to book a FREE Road Test & Multi-check Inspection!.

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We hope to see you soon and don't forget that afterward you can enter your invoice number for a chance to Win Your Repair!

We offer Flexible Payment Plans

"I didn’t budget for a transmission repair. When my car broke down, Mister Transmission took care of it!"

Mister Transmission understands your concerns. That’s why we’ve created a Flexible Payment Plan for transmission repairs. We take care of it!

Contact our store manager for details.

Customer Reviews Moncton

  • So I had some car...

    Reviewed by Solange Boudreau

    So I had some car troubles over the weekend, never a happy moment, but was able to get my car to a mechanic Monday. They ordered the parts and fixed what they could and on Tuesday, they let me know that there is still some noise... Bad news is, they think it's the transmission... So, it's now lunch time Tuesday and I am scheduled to work at 4 o'clock later that day... I am not feeling optimistic at this moment. I've had transmission problems with a previous car and it wa

    Date: 2018-03-31


  • Service was amazing! Car repairs...

    Reviewed by Jay Poirier

    Service was amazing! Car repairs are never fun. Chris did an amazing job of explaining the issues and steps that were taken to resolve them. I was really impressed with the customer service.

    Date: 2018-03-02


  • Good

    Reviewed by EMAD AL


    Date: 2018-02-28


  • Good

    Reviewed by Emad AL-Dhufairi


    Date: 2018-02-24


  • Mr Transmission (Moncton NB) worked...

    Reviewed by Chris Tracey

    Mr Transmission (Moncton NB) worked very hard to get me up and running as soon as possible. Very friendly, efficient, and kept me up to date on the progress of the job being done.

    Date: 2018-02-11


  • Super freindlythere currently helping me...

    Reviewed by Austin Weiers

    Super freindlythere currently helping me with my car super freinsly service will recomend to any one

    Date: 2018-01-25


  • Amazing service! They are not...

    Reviewed by Sylvie Godin

    Amazing service! They are not affraid to take the time to explain until you will actually understand what the problem is. I will definitely go back if I have any issues with my transmission. You don’t have to think twice... you’ll not regret it )

    Date: 2018-01-19


  • Great service! After having the...

    Reviewed by Samantha Lutes

    Great service! After having the radiator replaced at another shop, the car would jerk when shifting from park in to drive, and jerked when driving. Brought it in and they did the inspection and hooked it up to the computer, and ...

    Date: 2017-11-28


  • Friendly and fair service! I...

    Reviewed by Samantha Marie

    Friendly and fair service! I was so pleased with their help for an issue I assumed would be something really bad - turned out to be a minor issue and a quick fix!

    Date: 2017-11-09


  • Great service and they went...

    Reviewed by Ken Canning

    Great service and they went out of their way to explain what needed to be done and get me mobile again.

    Date: 2017-11-03


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