Mister Transmission

Adresse: : 50 Don Park Road Unit 1
Markham, ON L3R 1J3

Appel: : (905) 475-0616


Email: mrt009@mistertransmission.com

Ce que disent les clients Mister Transmission

  • Took my vehicle for a transmission problem. Ken did the initial inspection for free (driving the car and getting a sense of what might be wrong). He was then upfront about the potential cost and did a great job with the repair.

    6 jours Aujourd'hui
  • I was very happy with the work I had completed and feel I was treated fairly

    2 semaines Aujourd'hui
  • Ken at the Markham location was very honest and easy to deal with. The price of the repair was reasonable.

    4 semaines Aujourd'hui
  • Excellent service. Transmission rebuilt in a timely manner. Was given the option of a repair or rebuild and chose the rebuild for a better warranty and less likelihood of a recurrence of breakdown.

    1 mois Aujourd'hui
  • Great customer service and my car is good as new.

    2 mois Aujourd'hui
  • Great service

    3 mois Aujourd'hui

    4 mois Aujourd'hui
  • Nice clean working environment, good reception, knowledgeable employees.

    4 mois Aujourd'hui
  • Bought a 94 Classic Pick-up which needed full service after sitting in a driveway for years and not being driven. Ken always provides the best service, honesty and integrity to go along with all the answers to questions I have. Fully satisfied with work done at this location and would recommend them highly.

    5 mois Aujourd'hui

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