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The Exeter road location in London provided fast friendly service. Baily, Terry and Sanjay were great. couldn\'t ask for more. I would recommend this sop to anyone who wants honest friendly service

Stuart P
2 Months Ago

Sanjay the owner was fantastic, it took quite some time to repair as the transmission in the Ford Focus is a terrible unit, even Ford has admitted to this issue. If I need repair in the future I will return to Mr. T... at the London Exeter location. Also had a great conversation with the mechanic that did the repair. Absolutely a great team at this location !!!!

Rainer G
4 Months Ago

Best service ever!

Leeya W
8 Months Ago

Mark and his team did a great job rebuilding the transmission from my 1975 Corvette. Very professional team and done in a timely manner. Mark also sent me pictures and videos (as requested). Mark also called to let me know what the final cost of the repair once he determined the extent of the repairs required.

Wazeer K
1 Year Ago

It’s super nice and cleans also has great service and customer care !

Mortaza S
2 Years Ago

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