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Reviewed by Valerie C

Very happy with service, friendly staff.

1 Year Ago

Reviewed by Rick M

Employees were very friendly and informative. Service was timely and completed when expected.

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Barbro D

Excellent service, excellent price

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Andrew d

Great service, I was given several options on how to fix the problem I was having and after listening to the manager, I agreed to get it all replaced and now it runs better than ever!

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Mahdi T

Great reception, great service (changed clutch and slave leaking, Ford Ranger 2008). But after repair was done you hear a rasping noise inside the cabin. Took it back to the shop was told it is a bearing, left the truck there one more day, they said they oiled the bearing, noise still continues but is not damaging to transmission, i can drive it. I am trying to sell the truck, The Shop told me that they will extend the warranty to the new owner.and guarantee that there is no problem with the transmission, but buyers walk away when hearing that sound on a new transmission. The noise is is pretty annoying, loud enough that you cannot ignore it, even when idling, even with radio turned up. Not too happy with the final result after an $1145.19 bill. :(

2 Years Ago

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