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Reviewed by Rumi C

2006 Honda Odyssey with 260 000 KMs started to shudder when cold but ran perfectly fine when warm. Turned out to be worn bearings and required a complete overhaul. Mike did an amazing job explaining everything and because of all the great reviews posted here we trusted Mike and his crew with this complex repair. In the end we are extremely satisfied with the work they performed since our van is running like new again and price was very reasonable. The 3 year 100K warranty is great for peace of mind. These guys are trustworthy experts and I highly recommend them for transmission repairs since they went above and beyond. Very happy with our decision to keep our van and fix the transmission here.

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Mike c

Mike was very personable and informative.

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Dennis W

Great service and very friendly

2 Years Ago

Reviewed by Dmitry S

Very professional

3 Years Ago

Reviewed by Gage A

We recommend this Mister Transmission to customers all the time!

3 Years Ago

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