Written Reviews

Reviewed by Richard G

fast and thorough

3 Months Ago

Reviewed by Liz G

Supremely friendly staff, They were very busy but fit in my van, which was towed there by CAA.

3 Months Ago

Reviewed by Dwayne R

Without question the absolute best car service / repair EVER. The Bath Road team fixed our 20 year old Tahoe expertly. Would recommend them - no question - 5+ Stars.

3 Months Ago

Reviewed by Glen M

Very good & efficient service

3 Months Ago

Reviewed by Haneia S

The mechanic we dealt with was very kind and helpful. He answered all o our questions regarding the vehicle work and what was done. He even waited for us to come and pick up the car, we were running behind from work ad almost missed the closing time. We were very appreciative of him, and would give our experience a ten out of ten.

3 Months Ago

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