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Reviewed by Test T

First off, the location was the Hamilton store on upper James, but my invoice number is 1598. I will never bring my car back to Mister Transmission. The customer service was horrible, and the quality of service was bad. First off, one of the employees laughed at my husband a United States Army Veteran who just got back from fighting a war, when he asked if he could get a payment plan. Secondly, the day my car should have been ready, I got the run around. Then Kevin one of the managers of the place called me to ask ME how to reset my alarm.....I hire people for a living, i dont work on cars. I would have expected him to be competant enough to have figured that out. Lastly, when we came to get the car my husband drove it before I signed the receipt. When my husband came back, he said the engine light was on. My engine light was NOT on when i dropped the car off. Now i was having serious problems with my clutch prior to bringing my car in which i understand could do damage to the engine. The point being though my engine light was NOT on when i took it in, but when I left with it, it was. Between that and the customer service i would have thought someone would have done something about my problem. I got told that I could bring my car in to have them look at it again, though i was told they dont deal with engines. I was also told that it will be charged to me. It was a terrible experience, unless someone gives me a reason to return I will never return. I am half tempted to write to the media due to my experience. No one else should have to go through that. As a matter of fact I will do my best to prevent any oen from having to experience the service I had to experience. Coming from a person that does the hiring for a major steel company, i was appauled with the service i received.

8 Years Ago

Reviewed by Timothy K

I visited the 265 centennial parkway location for an unknown issue with my transmission on july 18th. Within an hour or two of speaking with Chris, he had identified my problem and worked out a few options with me. More than anything, I was most impressed with the down-to-earth nature of Chris and his friendly and straight-forward demeanor. I can honestly say after being to transmission places before, the ideology is typically that of a store not a repair shop, and the customer service rep attempts to sell rather than assist. Chris surprised me with his attitude and communication, and for that I would return to that location in the future.

8 Years Ago

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