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Reviewed by Mark b

We were pleased with our first impressions when we visited for a quote on the work. The job was completed within a couple of days as stated.

5 Years Ago

Reviewed by

Chris [the technician] was very friendly and explained things to me. Great service.

6 Years Ago

Reviewed by

Repair complete as promised, time wise and very friendly and honest. Even changed a engine mount for me that I didn't know needed changing. Great service and honest. Would definitely recommend.

6 Years Ago

Reviewed by Mark w

Chris, the technician who had helped me was amazing. He called to keep me up to date on each process while I waited for my van to be repaired. He considered cost and helped me make an educated decision on how to best proceed with repairing/replacing my transmission. I will definitely go to him again for any future repairs.

6 Years Ago

Reviewed by Test T

"I brought my vehicle in for service on Monday morning because it was sounding as though slippage was ocurring. I was to be contacted with problem and cost to repair by early afternoon,same day. By 2pm I had heard nothing and called the shop . I had to call several more times before I got problem and cost info. It was to be ready Tuesday night but due to some breakage and receiving a wrong part from their supplier, the car was not ready until Wednesday afternoon. By Friday morning, approximately 36 hours later, I was returning it for additional repairs. It sounded and felt worse than the original problem I brought her in to fix. Within a 1 minute test drive, Greg, the owner, knew what the problem was. Greg then made the claim that apparently the GM solonoids used have been a problem and the new one installed needed to be replaced. I was told by Greg that the vehicle would be ready early this afternoon and that someone from Mr. Transmission would come pick me up to retrieve my vehicle. I was driven home by one of the staff. I had to call quite a few times to see if it was ready and by 5pm was getting a little anxious. This is Friday night, and I had to be at work at 6:30am., Saturday morning. I was then told there was no one to pick me up nor was anyone going to be there, when I arrived, contrary with the promise made by Greg earlier in the day. Luckily I was able to arrange transportation to the site to pick up my vehicle. There was no one there to make sure I got it ok or to go over the necessay repairs that had to be made. I do not know what was done further. I am happy the car is now-fixd but am not happy with the support service that could have left me in a lurch for the enire weekend.

8 Years Ago

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