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April 21, 2020 | By Mister Transmission

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Transmission Repair

The evolution of transmissions has made these machines and systems increasingly complex. When transmission repairs are required, determining the cause and cure for what ails can be tricky.

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Transmission Technology

At Mister Transmission we have access to leading-edge diagnostic equipment, enabling us to offer you the fastest and most accurate findings about what’s going on inside your vehicle’s transmission.

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Transmission Maintenance & Service

Just as you have other parts of your car serviced, your transmission needs maintenance to ensure a long life and avoid transmission problems.

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Customer Reviews
Frank at Coquitlam location gave...
Frank at Coquitlam location gave me better quote than any where else and always use OEM parts on my vehicle. It was a small job changing break pad and rotor but he gave me a courtesy car anyway. Service quality and value is spot on. I would recommend MrTransmission Coquitlam to anyone in need.
Date: March 25, 2021
Website: Google
Frank and everyone at the...
Danielle Ward
Frank and everyone at the Coquitlam branch are awesome. I saw them once years ago for a rebuild on my transmission and I've been devout since, not just for transmission work, but everything. When a whole family relies solely on one vehicle and it's out of commission, it's so great to have a team like Frank's to depend on: not only have I been able to have my vehicle started on with more expediency than I've ever EVER had elsewhere, they understand the importance of transportation and have had a courtesy car available for use as well. Frank's on top of it all, too: he calls to give information, updates, and provide options every step of the way; much unlike other mechanics that make you feel like a stalker trying to find out if your vehicle's ready, have no communication all day when you really needed your vehicle, only to finally get a last minute call-back letting you know your vehicle has actually been ready since 9:30 a.m., but now they're closing in 10 minutes (when you live 20 away...), and get told you'll have to pick it up in the morning. If you want to avoid treatment such as I've endured, go see Frank. He's your dude. And no, nobody paid me even if this seems over-the-top to you, and yes, I really do feel this way, especially after dealing with such utter disappointments. #teamfrank
Date: March 20, 2021
Website: Google
I would like to thank...
Ali Saighani
I would like to thank Frank and he’s team for very professional work this is my second time visiting him and I’m very happy with they’re honesty and hard work I recommended to all my friends and family. God bless Frank for good and honest work.
Date: March 19, 2021
Website: Google
Service was great! Will use...
Bal Gill
Service was great! Will use again.
Date: February 26, 2021
Website: Google
Customer service is always top...
Spencer Flasch
Customer service is always top level with Frank and his team. I had an issue with my vehicle on a Friday, was able to drop off and be in a spare vehicle for the weekend to get to work. When the shop opened Monday, my vehicle had been diagnosed and repaired before noon. Repairs that last and maintain their value, and honesty with their work.
Date: December 22, 2020
Website: Google
Although it was a minor...
Mario Iacobucci
Although it was a minor repair that some unnamed business botched horribly, this shop was very fair in price and took me in immediately. Thanks
Date: December 1, 2020
Website: Google
The staff were friendly and...
Cameron Anderson
The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and now my transmission is running better than it did before it started slipping. I was provided a courtesy car while mine was out of commission, and that meant I didn’t miss any work shifts. The warranty provided also helps give me a piece of mind that they stand behind their work.
Date: November 20, 2020
Website: Google
Highly recommend Mr transmission Coquitlam....
Geoff H
Highly recommend Mr transmission Coquitlam. They did full transmission service on my truck as well as my wife's car. Both transmissions are running like new. Great service and knowledgeable staff. I will be returning for next services needed
Date: September 9, 2020
Website: Google
It was good the owner...
It was good the owner super nice got everything delt with pleasant experience
Date: September 8, 2020
Website: Google
It was good the owner...
It was good the owner super nice got everything delt with pleasant experience
Date: September 8, 2020
Website: Google
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