Transmission Fluid Diagnosis

If you’ve recently started experiencing a transmission problem and wanted to check your transmission fluid level and condition, then this article could help you.   Transmission fluid is typically a clear reddish pink colour when new, and over the course of its life that colour can change quite a bit, meaning different things are occurring. … Continue reading Transmission Fluid Diagnosis

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How Transmission Gear Ratios Work

Most mechanical devices with spinning parts need gears. How interlocking gears work together can directly impact your car’s performance You don’t need to have a degree in mechanical engineering to understand how transmission gear ratios work. Simply, a gear ratio is the relationship between two or more interlocking gears and their rotational speeds. The gear … Continue reading How Transmission Gear Ratios Work

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Transmission Diagram Cut-Away

What are the components of a transmission system? Where is the drive sprocket or differential assembly or torque converter? See the diagram below that can help you identify the working parts of a transmission system. Want to know more? Visit one of our locations

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Transmission Components

Ever wondered just what is inside a modern automatic transmission? This article describes and informs on clutch packs, one-way clutch systems, torque converters and more. The modern automatic transmission consists of many components and systems that are designed to work together in a symphony of clever mechanical, hydraulic and electrical technology that has evolved over … Continue reading Transmission Components

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How Do I Know What Transmission I Have?

Did you know that no one component in your car has more going on inside it than your automatic transmission? Your vehicle’s transmission is the most complicated and least understood major component in your car or truck. In today’s cars, the transmission is a combination of sophisticated hydraulics and computer-controlled electronic components. Have you ever … Continue reading How Do I Know What Transmission I Have?

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