Transmission Types and History of Development

From starting with manual transmissions, to the introduction of automatic transmissions in 1939 – learn about the evolution of the modern transmission. The transmission in automobiles is a system of parts usually contained within a housing, connecting the engine to the wheels. Suitable torque, or turning force, is generated by the engine only within a … Continue reading Transmission Types and History of Development

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How to Change Transmission Fluid

Determining the frequency of transmission fluid and filter changes hinges on many factors Transmission fluid: it is the lifeblood of your transmission. Without it, your vehicle would cease to run. You need to have the transmission fluid and filter changed at recommended intervals as per your vehicle’s owner’s manual, and a transmission flush ought to … Continue reading How to Change Transmission Fluid

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How Car Transmission Lines Work

Automatic transmissions generate a lot of heat. Transmission cooling lines keep things cool but they’re susceptible to being damaged Car transmission lines connect your vehicle’s transmission to the vehicle’s radiator. Also known as transmission cooling lines, they are typically made of metal or composite aluminium and rubber hoses because they can handle the flow of … Continue reading How Car Transmission Lines Work

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Transmission Fluid Diagnosis

If you’ve recently started experiencing a transmission problem and wanted to check your transmission fluid level and condition, then this article could help you.   Transmission fluid is typically a clear reddish pink colour when new, and over the course of its life that colour can change quite a bit, meaning different things are occurring. … Continue reading Transmission Fluid Diagnosis

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How Transmission Gear Ratios Work

Most mechanical devices with spinning parts need gears. How interlocking gears work together can directly impact your car’s performance You don’t need to have a degree in mechanical engineering to understand how transmission gear ratios work. Simply, a gear ratio is the relationship between two or more interlocking gears and their rotational speeds. The gear … Continue reading How Transmission Gear Ratios Work

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