Transmission Additives

If I told you I had a miraculous transmission additive for sale that would unclog plugged filters, free-up stuck valves/solenoids, reduce internal corrosion, improve shift feel/firmness, and prolong the life of your transmission what would you say? If you’d say “That sounds too good to be true,” you’d likely be right.

The shelves at most auto suppliers are loaded with “miracle” fluids that will allegedly make up for a prior lack of maintenance or fix broken transmissions. The truth of the matter is, there is no fluid that will replace the friction material on your transmission’s clutch plates or put the teeth back on the stripped gears.

Also, most vehicle manufacturers have warnings in their owner’s manuals stating, “Do not use supplemental oil additives, cleaners or other treatments. They are unnecessary and could lead to damage that is not covered by warranty.” Or, “Using supplemental additives is generally unnecessary and can even be harmful. One should never use an additive to attempt to fix a mechanical problem.”

The manufacturers know that the big oil companies who engineer the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for their transmissions can afford the best chemists and facilities in the world to create and test their products. Whereas most of the aftermarket “wonder additives” are created by companies who just pop up and offer you “snake oil” at a high price and promise it will work miracles.

The only way to repair a transmission problem is to properly diagnose it by road testing, scanning the computer, and removing the pan for inspection. Only then will you have an idea of what you’re dealing with and the best steps to take to correct the problem.

If you’re experiencing any sort of transmission problem, please contact your local Mister Transmission and book an appointment for our FREE 21-Point Multi-Check Inspection.

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